Monday, February 23, 2015

Short and sweet

Our latest winter storm turned out to be the saddest, sorry bunch of snowflakes ever. I was hoping the supposed freezing rain and ice would have stopped early enough in the morning that I could make it out to the barn briefly on Sunday, but I ended up at the barn both days with zero issues. In fact, it was a gloriously warm and sunny 35* when I rode yesterday.

Which was especially good because this week is looking a lot like last week, in that it will be really fucking cold and all my horse will get to do for "work" is romp around the indoor like an idiot with Memphis.

"i'm so crazy! look at me be so crazy!"
yeah, bobby. totally impressed. 

On Saturday I forced Hubby to come along mostly for the use of his truck. My car needs a new clutch and my truck needs a new battery, so I'm wary about using either of them until those things are remedied which fortunately should be pretty soon. I set up a few jumps in no particular order and made sure not to say anything about how this was going to be a short, easy ride so I wouldn't jinx us.

Bobby got to wear the hackamore again out of complete laziness to change tack on my part, and he showed his appreciation by being a little bit wild while warming up.

But I'm a positive person now! This was not going to faze me in the slightest!

He was being a little wild and silly jumping around, but he was actually listening to my adjustments between fences and our distances were ones of mutual choosing.

Basically, I had a lot of fun jumping my horse for once. Fuck yeah, positivity!

On Sunday there was a little girl riding in a lesson so I just did a dressage school. Bobby was pulling my arms out at the trot so I let him move out to a canter.

And we proceeded to canter ten straight minutes (BO timed us) with his ears flopping happily forward.

I finally pulled him up because my abs were screaming. We did a little more trot work, ran through Novice A, and were doing such flawless leg yields that BO called out, "He's ready for half pass!" and gave us an impromptu mini lesson on how to ride it. We only got a few steps, but now I know how to ask for it. My horse is a dressage queen when not being a raging asshole. It's lovely.

"wow, horses! i've never seen those before!"

In other news, I'm trailer shopping in earnest (yay!), and someone is lined up to buy my jump saddle finally (double yay!). Even though winter refuses to fucking end, at least some fun things are happening.


  1. yay for winter not ruining fun things happening :-)

  2. F yeah, love the pink and purple combo in that video! Also, you and Bobby look fantastic!

  3. Glad you had fun jumping Mr. Bobby!

  4. I feel like Winter is having one last laugh at me this week. And I don't like it one bit!!

  5. The video is so cute, you can see when he locks onto the jump and thinks "WEEEEEE"

  6. You have all kinds of cool crap happening! Go Bobby and Carly! Kicking all the asses.

  7. Does Dressage Queen Bobby get a tiara?

  8. Woo! Jumping your horse should be fun :)

  9. Looks like you're both having a blast! Super exciting about the trailer too - happy shopping!! (Also I'm pretty sure we got all your snow here in baltimore - it absolutely dumped on us!)

  10. Hooray! Dressage queen in a purple quarter sheet!

  11. You can tell he enjoys jumping- locks on those jumps like a boss!


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