Monday, February 9, 2015

Owned the indoor

I know I have no right to ever complain about having an indoor, but sometimes I really hate riding in it. I'd hate not being able to ride period, or just being relegated to walk only rides in the foot of snow in the outdoor even more, but sometimes I want to go all bitchy white girl and just, I can't.

I can't even.

I rode on Wednesday afternoon last week because it was 35*, and that was so gloriously warm that I crawled out of my house to enjoy it. Then it got really fucking cold again and I went back into hibernation. But this weekend was like fucking summer! I even saw the sun for like fifteen whole minutes!


I met Sarah at the barn Saturday afternoon and we started flatting by ourselves. Bobby was marvelous, even though his stretchy trot seemed to be a one month free trial only thing. But he's really excelling at literally everything else so I won't degrade him this time around. Positivism and all that shit.

the puppy tried to hitch a ride with sarah while no one was looking.

Unfortunately, we were soon joined by two other people that are perhaps not the best to ride with, and while I was able to finish up with a really fancy canter to the left, Sarah and I decided to exit before people started dying. We went for a short trail ride instead.

sometimes you have to get proof of sun with a trail selfie.

On Sunday I got to the barn super early to ensure I could get in a solo jump school without any interference from other riders. I was rewarded with a freshly watered and dragged arena and a barn full of sleepy ponies.

tough night i guess.

I set up a 2' vertical at X, a big X at M, and a 2'3" tall but wide oxer at K. And people, guess what? My horse actually kept his shit together for the entire fucking ride. We did a course and there were no tantrums. Did I mention it was in the indoor? Did I mention we did a course in the indoor with no tantrums?!

It's okay if you're not impressed by this. Most people's ten year olds that have been off the track for five years don't need to be restarted like a baby horse every winter.

We started off with the little vertical on the diagonal (because jumping anything in the indoor is an accomplishment for us, so the jumps aren't going to get very big until the outdoor thaws), and since that was spot on, we continued on around to the big X. I circled him once to get a little more engine engaged and came around to the oxer.

Naaaaiiiiled it.

Also, quickly, my horse has the most adjustable canter in the history of the long as he's not pointed at a jump obviously.

I stopped him and gave him a cookie after that because I'm still heavily bribing him for being good over fences.

dropping off tack at my car for a deep clean.
(aka a text break picture)

Since we got all the elements so easily on the first try, I went ahead and made up a little course. It started with having to approach the X from the left which meant we had to canter all the way down the long side to get to it. But did Mr Pony Pants change rhythm even with a jump sighted in?

No he did not.

And when I saw a long spot, closed my leg and asked him to take it, did he?

Yes. Yes he did.

MY HORSE LISTENED TO ME!!! He was all, "Whoaaaaa, stay chilly." Then he was all, "Be a boss and go for it." BECAUSE I TOLD HIM TO.

Unfortunately I was too busy celebrating in my head to get reorganized enough to make the quick turn to the vertical on the diagonal so we had to circle afterwards before coming to it. Not the first time such things have happened. Then he landed too quick off the vertical so I circled him there, too, to make sure we had the right canter for the oxer. That was also good, and cause for too much celebration, so one more circle to finish off with the X from the right.

"time out. it's been minutes since i last ate some dirty snow."

I briefly thought about ending it there, but it was the littlest, easiest course and there was no reason we couldn't do one run through without circling. All I had to do was, you know, sit up and pay attention and we'd be fine.

And we were. No problems, hit every distance, didn't hit any poles. I finished up with some no stirrup posting trot and canter both ways and stuffed the remained of the cookies in my pocket down Bobby's maw.

I'm sick of snow and cold weather, and I'm sick of choking on dust in the indoor, but these baby jump school sessions are really making some magic happen, folks.


  1. I hate you and your indoor. I don't get to jump for like 5 months sometimes more if we have a wet spring!

  2. I hated sharing the indoor at my other there is usually no one there so it's all mine. Sounds your jump school was absolutely awesome - yay you and Bobby :)

  3. Bobby is like a wild stallion out there with no tack on!!

  4. So awesome things are going so well!

  5. I have to admit I am very jealous that your horse will stay rooted without a halter, bridle, anything!

  6. I'm such a fan of your posts - the voice you've given to Bobby is hilarious (and seems to capture him completely).

    This had me nodding yes emphatically, " I'd hate not being able to ride period, or just being relegated to walk only rides in the foot of snow in the outdoor even more, but sometimes I want to go all bitchy white girl and just, I can't.

    I can't even."

  7. Woop woop - Bad Assery to the max!

  8. 35 degrees is so freakishly cold! I think if I lived in somewhere it was that cold on a regular basis, I'd hibernate for the winter. Glad everything is going so well!

  9. Go Bobert!
    Also I hate to tell you this- but your puppy isn't puppy-sized.

  10. soooo sounds like an awesome ride!!!! go bobby!!! also - i died a little bit from cuteness overload at all the sleeping ponehs... haha

  11. Yeah girl! Sounds like you OWNED that indoor! I love that Bobby is just standing by your car with his neck strap on.... and then munching the snow. That is amazing.

  12. I also have major white girl problems - my indoor is massive (wah wah) and not insulated and it becomes a frigid ice box in the winter and doesn't get dragged because the owners are in AZ. SEE?! I am way whinier than you - get on with your bad self!

    Also sounds like you guys are doing awesome - treats all around!!!

  13. I hate sharing a huge arena with people I don't want to ride with; can't imagine trying to share an indoor.

  14. I would give my left tit to choke on some arena dust right now :P

    But seriously this is so awesome for you and Bibs. YAY SUCCESS. Treats...TEATS FOR EVERYONE

    1. well..treats* not teats. Stuck on boobs apparently.

  15. I am so right there with you. My indoor looks beautiful, but the footing is awful and deep and Connor goes like shit in it. I can't wait for spring...

  16. This is so wonderful!!! Thrilled for you guys! Can't wait to see how even more awesome you are in the outdoor!


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