Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bobby Approved: Homemade Cookies

That's right. I'm writing a post about horse treats. It's fucking cold outside. My horse gets a treat for standing there looking cute handsome horse-like. That's been his homework for the past few days. 

It's not even an original cookies post--this recipe comes to you from Bit By Bit who found it from somewhere else. So I'm extra stealing. 



1 cup flour
1 cup oats
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/3 cup molasses

I added a finely chopped up apple to mine because I had one that I accidentally dropped on the floor and the puppy tried to make off with. I also at least doubled the amount of carrots; I had half a bag I wasn't planning on using for anything else, and carrots are Bobby's favorite snack evar.

Because that added a little more bulk to the recipe, I added more molasses to make it mix better. And then I added a little more. Who doesn't love making a mess? 


I set the oven for 375* (My oven does not run hot. My oven runs like it's actually an igloo.) and applied cooking spray liberally over an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet. Want to know what never comes off of your dishes? Burnt fucking molasses is what. Want to know how I know that? By burning fucking molasses into a cookie sheet.

ready to go in

My cookies were probably more moist than the original recipe intended, even after being bake for ten minutes, but Bobby's actually kind of a priss when it comes to treats, and he does seem to prefer the less crunchy variety (as in, bring him some pop instead). 

after baking, not much difference

Off to the barn they went for a taste test from one snobby foodie. Only he's like the opposite of a snobby foodie because Bobby turns his nose up at delicacies and fancy food. Bobby is like his mother--he really only likes it if it's full of sugar. Put the healthy stuff away, please. Give us some candy. 

His first taste:

Most definitely Bobby approved. The recipe made about fifteen big treats total, and I somehow managed to space out their feeding over the weekend instead of just one day. That was not Bobby approved. 

"i want them ALL."

One last thing: don't leave them where unsuspecting passersby might stumble across them. Greedy people might think they're people cookies, take a big bite out of them, and then dispose of the rest when they don't think they taste very good. 

I'm looking at you, Hubby. 


  1. Hahaha sorry @ Hubby accidentally scoffing Bobby's treats.
    Sounds like a fun way to Martha Stewart & bake the equine way

  2. Cute video :)

    I have a picky eater too and might try this!

  3. Your hubby is not the only one who has ever sampled horse treats. Just sayin'.

  4. Hahaha hubby wants you to make him some cookies now!

  5. Lol poor hubby, sound like great horse treats though!

  6. Love the video!

    Hemie once won some cookies in a contest. He didn't like them. But I did. A lot. =P

  7. omg bobby's nostrils got SO big right before he gobbled it up! looks like they worked out well :)

  8. I am going to try the recipe - my guy LOVES carrots. Thanks for sharing! Also, I love that you talk to your horse in a voice similar to the one I use with mine :)

  9. So cool that you made the recipe AND that you took video of Bobby eating them! I actually made them again last weekend - they are just so crazy easy. One day I am going to swap out grated beets for carrots for "excitement."

  10. I saw this recipe online and I'm so glad you made it first! And I had to go back and watch for his giant nostrils. :)


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