Monday, January 26, 2015

Positive Energy

After expressing my Debbie Downer feelings in my last post, I really want to go into the weekend with a positive attitude. Bobby got a dressage ride on Friday that he was pretty much a champion for, and that I followed up with a walk only trail ride (damn you, frozen ground!), in effort to boost his self esteem a little.

Dear Bobby,

You are not always the worst creature on the fucking planet. Just sometimes.

Your Mom.


I'm such a good motivator.

I also played around with him a lot on Friday, taking extra time with grooming, putting his fancy prancing polos on, and stuffing him full of cookies as I tried to get a shot that could rival Courage's outfit posing. If nothing else, I got a lot of awkward pictures to pad later posts with.

only bobby isn't actually all that cute, and his outfit is kind of shlumpy.

hold on! he can look cute!

On Saturday, after playing with the puppies in the fresh four inches of snow all morning, I went out to the barn and did absolutely nothing productive, which was just what the doctor ordered. I got on Bobby bareback and played in the outdoor. I even got fancy and wrote my name in the snow with my horse. Then I tried to take a picture of it with my ghetto as shit phone and failed completely. But still. It was awesome.

watching the puppies play

Sunday morning we finally returned to jumping, but not in the anxiety producing, WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO GO FAST AND THEN GO SLOW MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING, jumping. I set up an easy grid that Bobby's been through dozens of times before--a bounce, one stride to an oxer. He can get as fast as he wants into it because the bounce forces his feet to slow down and move correctly, and that way he's always set up perfectly for the oxer and I never have to move a muscle.

which means my position stays boss.

Plus the oxer always ends up being massive at the end, and the dude needed to know he still has jumping balls. Bobby loves to jump big jumps. Bobby does not like this being relegated to cross rails bullshit.

We started off with just the bounce set up and the oxer as poles on the ground. I'd set the bounce too wide, so we had to get that adjusted before we could really get going. Once through from each direction, and the oxer went right up to 3'.

No problems, as anticipated. This is an easy peasy gymnastic for Mr Magee. I had Hubby bump it up two holes to 3'6", and even with an audience that stopped by to watch briefly, Bobby stayed focused and cruised right through.

3'6" is about the top of Bobby's comfort level. It requires effort on his part, but he can still jump it easily. He's not the scopiest creature on the planet, and he doesn't usually put much effort into tucking all his body parts up over any fence. But he's a big dude, and his height makes up for his lack of bounce off the ground. So I told Hubby to go ahead and put it up the last two holes to 4'. We've jumped that height a few times in the past without issue, but it's nothing that's ever going to get done on a regular basis.

I gave Bobby a tap on the shoulder just before take off to tell him to make sure he picked up his tootsies all the way, and he hopped right over without hesitation.

And it felt awesome. He can push off when he wants to, and feeling that extra little kick in the air from a horse that's not much for added flair in any part of his movement (Well. Not the good kind of flare anyway.) was fun as hell.

blurry video still from blurry video.
go, pony, go!

And there's helmet cam, but it looks identical to when we did this grid a few weeks ago:

I tried to make a side-by-side, but my computer was all, "I cannot computer right now. Please get back to me later. And by later I mean never."

He was so funny after each fence--he made a beeline directly to Hubby every time, remembering how he got a handful of grain after going through the grid during our last lesson. He got cookies this time, and loads of praise from both of us. He needed his ego stroked, and I needed to feel like I can still jump this fucking horse.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Dude. I am all sorts of jealous right now- you make it look so easy!!

  2. Dem ears.

    Great job tho! Glad you sloughed your slumps. Jumping superstars

  3. GO TEAM BOBBY MCGEE!!!!! Y'all are, still, my heroes.

  4. Ha! Courage is really good at posing. I'm sure he appreciates the recognition. ;-)

    And yay big jumps!

  5. I am also seriously jealous! How awesome! I have never had the balls to push up to even 3'6", and definitely not outside of a lesson with my trainer/security blanket there to trick me into it. Get it Bobby!!

  6. Hello big ass jumps! Way impressed, and totally jealous!

  7. But he DOES look pretty handsome in those blindingly white polos!

  8. woot woot - go get 'em!!! he got some serious air time!

  9. sometimes he DOES remember he's a grown up lol. but really, you need to buy his twin.

  10. Haha - love the Hubby's commentary! Good for you guys!!!

  11. Ahh looks amazing!! He's got springs on his feet.

  12. Bobby got jump!
    Also I feel the need to comment on the airplane ears. Love them.

  13. I like this post - taking it back to what he knows and succeeding. Awesome job!

  14. You two are bad ass. End of story.

  15. woohooo 4' that's serious!

  16. Go Bobby! Try adding some guide rails onto the oxer in a V shape - then feel how the jump will love the "air' it brings :)


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