Friday, January 9, 2015

Catch All

Look, dudes. I have to apologize. I feel as though I have deprived you of in depth riding recaps, of pictures of my awkwardly put together horse and I soaring over jumps, and of the mentally stimulating thought processes that go into each and every one of my rides.

Of course you haven't missed out on my insane wit and cleverness because I have still been posting, and really, that shit just leaks through with every fucking word I type.

You shut your mouth, naysayers. What's funnier than reading about how I plan on conquering show jumping this show season? We can all laugh about that being achievable.

look at my horse. my horse is adorable.

So what's been going on in real world time? Like so much stuff it's ridiculous.

I rode in my dressage saddle two whole times. Or was it only once? We've actually jumped quite a few times, but not with any real focus, and certainly not at any height. Oh, except that one time where we jumped 4' out of a grid:

Our last day in the outdoor, I got all manly and dragged the coop out of the corner (which is manly as shit because that mother fucker weighs more than my horse) to sort-of-out-of-the-corner-kind-of, set up a circle of death with single barrels on their sides, and applauded my horse for being so well schooled that he just loped around them like it was an every day occurrence. Then I had a deep, meaningful conversation with myself while plodding around on "trail" about how my horse is actually pretty well schooled, and I did it all myself--and basically, go me.

caution: deep thoughts in action

That was followed up with a questionable dressage school where I talked myself back down a little bit. Bobby is Bobby after all. Ain't no one got time to congratulate yourself on any achievement when it comes to this dude.

"say what now?"

And then cold weather hit and my fucking face froze off, and Bobby didn't even get to go outside Wednesday night because it was too freezing for naked ponies. Instead, I went out the next morning and released him in the indoor with the covered giant jolly ball. He could care less about a naked jolly ball, but with a cover?

i was in the heated viewing area, so sorry for the quality.

Eventually, once I had thawed a bit, I went out and kicked it around for him. He's usually a slug when released in the arena, but having to stay in overnight gave him some added sass.

After he'd had a good romp, I called him over to me.

"you talking to me?"

And he came, and it was adorable, even if he was mad I didn't have any cookies to reward him with. He got his freshly laundered and re-waterproofed medium weight tossed over his current heavy weight mostly to appease BO. She was all, "His neck will still be cold!" I was like, "BO, Bobby's resting core temperature runs around ten million degrees even on a day like today where the high is in the single digits." I think Bobby would be okay frolicking around totally naked to be honest. The bro is made of lava. 

and has a strange fascination with eating snow.

Obviously, you guys have been missing out on a lot of super cool shit. I apologize profusely. Maybe next week I'll get things rolling again.



  1. A Bobby must thoroughly investigate all brightly-colored round objects for danger.

  2. MANLY. AS. SHIT. that's you, my friend.

  3. That's it. I'm getting Eli a giant ball.

  4. I think this is the first blog post of yours I've ever seen you refer to your horse as something other than a mule. LOL

  5. that grid was badass. and i kinda love the deep thoughts on the trail lol - yay for developing a well-schooled horse!

  6. Dayum that was a big fence! You've got balls girl!

  7. The little QH I used to ride would chase Brantley with the ball in the arena. "Look! It's not a monster! Play with me!"

  8. He looks so smancy power trotting around the giant ball!

  9. Ahaha that jolly ball is SO offensive!!

  10. Love the big boy trot near the ball of death!

    Is that a purple quarter sheet I see in the corner of the first pic ;) I'm glad it is FINALLY getting used after god knows how long in my tack trunk.

  11. So many achievements. And a heated viewing area?!


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