Monday, December 22, 2014

Bullet Points

I've missed several bloggable days due to Friday and the weekend, and those are days I don't like to blog on. And really there wasn't anything so exciting happening that I thought I was doing a disservice to those who hang off of my every word about my lug headed mule, especially since those people do not actually exist.

So in the spirit of getting caught up quickly without putting more than the barest amount of work into multiple recaps, I'll sum all that jazz up in bullet points. Because I love them.

  • On Thursday I set up some jumps in the indoor--a one stride, an oxer, and a vertical. 
    • Bobby was a complete pig and didn't want to listen to me whatsoever. He started off casually coming to a stop at the oxer. Since I was looking down and not really committed, I let him get away with it. Then he did it again with my leg on and a dricing seat. That I didn't let him get away with. He got his booty over the third time.
    • He then changed his modus operandi to flinging himself over everything as quickly as he could, so I set out the retard poles for him, and he eventually blundered his way over through them often enough that he started to pay attention to his fucking feet and back off. 
    • I have four helmet cam videos of the ride that perfectly encapsulate what any given ride on Bobby is like, narrated with lots of profanity by yours truly. 
2'3" vertical on a circle L

2'3" vertical on circle R

2'6" oxer

one stride

  • On Thursday I also captured this picture of him with spit all over his giant head:
keeping it classy

  • On Friday we did a brief dressage school in the indoor. 
    • His canter work to the right was much better to the left which was surprising since it's usually the opposite. His left lead is feeling very stuck the past couple of times, like he's cantering in place. I ask him to step out and go more forward, but he doesn't want to get round and then is just bouncing around faster. He does better with lots of transitions though.
    • We worked through Training A to finish the day, revisiting each transition until it was perfect. The test is pretty sloppy in one continuous run through right now, and I feel like I'm going to have to reteach him his trot lengthenings.  
    • I also did his feet!
i don't think that RF will ever not make me fucking crazy

  • On Saturday we went up to the outdoor--finally! The footing was great, and right when we got started Hubby pulled in on his way home so we got some pictures. 
    • Bobby walked out of his stall with massive amounts of slobber and drool coming out of the right side of his mouth which was a little alarming. I cleaned it up, and BM, J, and I all dug around in his mouth but saw nothing. I offered him a peppermint that he ate without trouble, so I figured I'd throw the hackamore on him and see how he went. My only guess could be something that was in his hay as he most definitely was not choking (my first concern), there was no smell, and he didn't have anything bleeding, swollen, or stuck anywhere in his mouth. 
    • Despite being distracted by literally everything on the planet and spooking at every inanimate object he could find, he didn't seem to be in any sort of distress. Naked Bobby on a cold day in the outdoor is fun. Who am I kidding? Bobby is always a tool up there.
    • I also felt like I was reaching for my stirrups so bad. I don't know if someone rode in my fucking saddle the day before which they better fucking not have or I will end them, or maybe my legs were just so cold they didn't want to stretch like they usually do, but it was not fun.
"zomg, there are horses in the indoor! i can see them!!!!"

"you may think i'm listening, but i'm about to spook at that barrel."

and then you just have to give in and laugh at him.

    • His canter both directions was...less than ideal. Horses were being led back out to the paddock next to the arena and there were a ton of people walking around the driveway to and from the barn to the indoor. Cantering involved a lot of this:

having a flail.

  • On Sunday I did nada.
magsie moo is one giant baby.

  • On Monday I made two exercises with his helper poles: three trot poles to an X, and a 2'6" vertical with a pole at 9' on either side. 
    • He started off fine with the trot pole exercise. It's one we've done lots of times, so that was no surprise. After a few times through, I circled him at the end and came over the vertical. Fine to the right, so we moved on to the left. Fine the first two times, then he did a dirty stop. He got spanked, represented, and went over.
    • And then things went to shit. I brought him back to the trot poles and he wanted to canter through them. So I kept yanking on him to slow him back down which made him want to throw his head and canter even more. We finally got that sorted out and went back to the vertical...or tried to. He wouldn't go near it because he knew I would pull on him.
    • At that point was I was violently cursing the indoor because it turns me into a raging, bitchy, neurotic, tense, spaz over fences. WITHOUT FAIL, EVERY YEAR. I dropped the vertical to an X so it didn't become "a thing" in either one of our heads, looped my reins, and rode my well trained dressage horse off my seat. Of course he went just fine after that. 
    • In conclusion, stop stealing my fucking soul, indoor!

And now we enter another round of in-law "family time". You're well taken care of though. I've got lots of filler waiting in the sidelines.

content for weeks!


  1. Puppy is growing up! :) I think helmet cam videos are the coolest.

  2. Bobby is a little toed out in the front, isn't he?
    That's what the flares suggest to me, anyway. They have really come in quite a bit, haven't they? I can't wait to watch the helmet cam videos from home!!

  3. I seriously hate that feeling that all of the sudden the stirrups are too long, and wondering who the hell rode in my saddle even though everyone else's saddles are so much nicer than mine, why would they want to steal it? Ya know, that or like you said, stiff legs not wanting to stretch. ;)

  4. Loved your flailing photos on FB. Only Bobby can go from looking so eeek to fabulous in a matter of seconds.

  5. Heeyyy! Pony looks like he is catching the hunter bug in that last pic. Oohh!

  6. Loom at that question content go blogger go

  7. I finally started following you on YouTube. :) I love the Helmet Cam videos. I definitely need to get one at some point. You guys make it look so easy.

  8. You will survive the holidays this year, but will they?

  9. Lol love the commentary. With the helmet cam we get his reactions to your commentary with his ears. So expressive.

  10. i will literally never ever get tired of your helmet cam footage. #justayin

  11. I totally feel like a blogger slacker now! (also, I'm pretty sure my scheduling feature doesn't work...I've tried it, but it doesn't publish at the specified time. It just hangs out. wtf)

    1. After you tell it what date and time you want it to publish on, do you hit the publish button? If you don't it won't publish that day. Ask me how I figured that out...:P

  12. Loving the commentary! Also, you make me feel like a slacker over here.

  13. Wait, wait, can schedule posts in Blogspot???


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