Friday, March 28, 2014

When It Just Isn't Your Day

Or, When You End Up On Your Backside in the Dirt.

First of all, I woke up seriously nauseous this morning. I have a sneaking suspicion it had to do with my meal choices yesterday. Let's recap:

Breakfast:  English muffin.

Lunch: Six mini Cadbury eggs washed down with half a Mountain Dew (the other half went to Bobby).

Dinner: A piece of pizza (at least it was homemade so it wasn't greasy), and the other six mini Cadbury eggs.

And that is it. I think I need to reevaluate my diet.

After crawling around the house all morning, I went to the barn and had to work around the barn's vet. That's no big deal, but she kind of freaks me out which is why I don't use her. But BO was in the barn so she was an excellent buffer and I talked to her a bit.

Down to the arena we went for a quick jump school. Warmed up over an X twice before coming in through three trot poles to a vertical and out over what was going to be an oxer but was still just ground poles. Bobby was fine with all of this, and since I was suffering from cramps (love being a girl), an upset stomach, and random lower back pain, I went ahead and bumped everything up to where I wanted to end. The X became 3'6" and the oxer became 2'9".

Bobby was also very good for this, although the first time over the oxer he cleared the 4' standards and nearly popped me out of the tack. That was a one-time over-exuberance though--fortunately--and the next few times he was perfect.

Over the 3'6" vertical, he was easy and pleasant to the right. We did that three times before switching directions. First time? Totally fine. Second time? I chased him into an awful distance he had no hope of saving, and he threw on the brakes. I flipped right over his shoulder and landed on my nicely cushioned thigh and side. See? All that junk food is good for something.

I may not be the best rider, but I am damn good at falling. I bounced right up and quickly assured Bobby--who was standing morosely exactly where he had stopped like, "I know I'm going to get blamed for that even though we both know it was your fault."--that he had done nothing wrong. I set the jump back to an X and finished by going over it twice more.

I've ridden this horse for almost his entire life. I broke him out, taught him to gallop, and restarted him off the track. This is only the third time I've come off of him, and to be honest I'm kind of disappointed I'm not even going to have a bruise to show for it.

In clinic news, I'm actually going to be getting a private so that's pretty awesome. I'm the only one doing 3' and the next closest group is 2'3-2'6. Maybe I should have signed up for that group. The "small jumps, aching bodies, and menstrual cramps" group. Wish us luck!


  1. I think I'm pretty good at falling too! I always remember to tuck and roll, which usually leaves me with a muddy butt/thigh:)

  2. I usually avoid anything and everything the first day the feminine issue hits. It sucks :(

    That gif made me giggle too hard.

  3. I seriously hate having nothing to show for a fall. Also, those mini cadbury eggs must be laced with cocaine because I literally cannot stop eating them until the entire bag is gone.

  4. I'm so bad at falling! Glad it wasn't anything serious and you were a-okay.

  5. Good luck at the clinic!! And who knows? Maybe you will get lucky and get a hip bruise ;) Glad it wasn't a bad fall

  6. Glad your fall was a non-event. Good luck at the clinic!!

  7. Lol, I no longer tuck and roll fast enough since I hit my 30's. Glad you're ok, even if it means no war wound to show. And the clinic sounds fun!

  8. Sounds like a rough day, glad you are okay. The clinic sounds like a lot of fun and you'll get more for your $ with it being a private one now!

  9. at least you had the cushion from all those eggs...glad you were ok!


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