Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Dressage...With Boring Video!

I feel like I have to take advantage of the outdoor before it snows Tuesday, and since it hasn't been dragged yet I'm stuck doing dressage work only out there. Whatevski though because I brought poor old Hubby out the day after his birthday to video 1-2 and 1-3 so I could see what I needed to work on. Or, more specifically, just how bad I was slouching.

Yesterday I dragged poor old Robert away from his dinner and kindly forced Hubby's mother on top of him for a walk around. I'm glad he was good and just followed me around because he was actually kind of a snorting idiot when I pulled him out, and I could see him going Rogue Bobby out of nowhere.

"seriously? i am not a pack horse. i am an event horse."

Today, he was so. dead. to. my. leg.

Like. seriously.

It was one of those times when you would have given a normal horse a no-nonsense smack behind your leg, but Bobby is far too neurotic for such things. Instead, I had to get what I could with my legs and spurs, but he was not feeling it throughout the tests.

trying to install some forward with a canter.
complete fail.

For our first attempt at 1-2, we made it all the way to the first canter before Bobby pulled a Bobby. I asked him for the canter at A, he picked it up, and then he turned the corner and threw a temper tantrum and went shooting sideways out of the "ring". I don't know why he felt that was necessary, but with Bobby you never really need a reason to freak the fuck out over things no other horse would have a problem with.

I had to stop, take a deep breath, and decompress myself before starting back up again.

sometimes  often this horse makes me homicidal.
but look how fit and hunky he's getting!

The break was worth it as we both went back to work with clearer heads. We made it all the way through the test this time, though it's hardly pretty. At least it got finished! Small win!

After a quick walk break and a read through of 1-3, we went back in. The test actually went alright except the part where I forgot my first canter circle, and the part where Bobby threw in a lovely flying change when I asked for a canter lengthening and it took us the entire long side to get the correct lead back.

Because of those problems, I figured we'd just run through it one more time, right?



Our first attempt at a halt at X resulted in a backwards spin and a trip around the arena to start over. The second attempt is the video below where you will see my beautiful beast in one of his beautiful moods.

Take out the tension, the curling under, the inability to go forward despite my legs feeling like they were going to die (complete with a lovely saddle hump during the second canter circle--so classy), Bobby's curious interpretation of a leg yield, and did I mention the tension, we look super!

Basically just watch the test with your eyes closed and we look super!

Immediately after the final halt, I sent him right back into the trot. I made him trot and trot and trot until he was going forward and was soft in the bridle. No way was he getting away with that test.

after forty minutes of being a douche bag, he was lovely!

I'm glad I made him trot it out because we were able to end on a really good note. We need a break from dressage though. Bring on the jumps and the barrels! You know, as long as it's not SNOWING.

Also, I talked with the clinic organizer today when she called to ask if I'd gotten my Coggins yet (nope, my vet has lost my blood work again), and she slotted me in for the first time slot with her daughter for this Sunday: 8am, bright and early. Yay, clinics!

hubby: now there's proof you actually like your horse.


  1. Ah I love clinics!! I also look much better when I ride by the mirrors in the arena if I close my eyes.

  2. I have the same issue with Fiction on occasion - dead to my legs but goes insane w/ a whip. Really annoying! You guys look lovely though.

  3. All I could think about when Bobby said he didn't want to do Dressage anymore was the end of this video.

    He really is looking great, congrats on a productive winter-from-hell!

  4. Oh special Bobby in video 2, but he looks lovely in the photo just after - yay for ending on a win!
    My dad made a similar comment to your hubby on final photo the other day, i was complaining about Kika being a cow to the others on turnout and he said "here's a thought - how bout you tell me when she does something nice for a change" - woops methinks I don't talk to my pop enough about how great she has been under saddle yet too much about what a madam she is to other equines

  5. That trot picture it totally awesome, he looks a boss!

  6. Geez, your bad still looks pretty darn good to me, he's getting all studley, of course he's gonna have some 'tude, he's Sexy and he knows it ;)


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