Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Review, March Goals

February goals recap:

1. Build strength through longeing. Bobby's longe line sessions are going to be the new norm before every ride. His body is warmed up and his mind is in the right place to start working. This was a huge success.

2. Ride in the cross country field. Technically I rode out there twice at the very beginning of the month, so I get to cross it off. But we weren't able to work on terrain or fitness so that was a bummer.

3. De-winterfy. Yay, naked horse!

4. Solidify show schedule. You can check it out on the side bar.

As for next month:

1. Reintroduce lateral work. Now that Robert has a base fitness level built up, he's ready to tackle lateral work again. At the very least, leg yields have to bee one hundred percent.

2. Memorize dressage tests. It's almost May! Right? I want both Novice tests, both Training tests, all three First tests, and the first Second test memorized. Easy peasy. I don't usually have a problem remembering these for eternity once they're in my head.

3. Course work. Well, it is at least almost the 30th when we head off to a jumping clinic. Ideally the outdoor with be thawed and course work can begin up there. If not, I'll try to cram something into the indoor.

4. Terrain work. Also ideally, the cross country field will be thawed this month. Trot sets, I actually miss you! Come back into my life!

For how poorly February started off, Bobby really turned it around and began to act like a respectable equine citizen. Hopefully the positive trend continues into March.


  1. So excited for you with how great Bobby has been behaving, it's gonna be a great year!

  2. Yay nekkid pony!

    Second 1 is super easy to remember, especially after you do First 3. :)

  3. Wait did you just put Bobby and Respectable in the same sentence? And I don't think I could ever memorize that much!

  4. Fingers crossed that good model citizen Bobby continues to stay around!!

  5. Glad things are turning around for you guys :) good luck in March!

  6. So organized...I remember my test about 40 mintues before I ride haha


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