Sunday, March 2, 2014

Champion Horse

I tested the grown up Bobby waters this weekend.

On Saturday, BO was teaching an impromptu lesson to two people so I wasn't able to longe him before our flat ride. I was anticipating him bracing and carrying a lot of tension and just generally using a change in schedule as an excuse to be a bastard. I walked him for fifteen minutes as the lesson wrapped up, and while he and Blackberry were giving each other The Eye across the arena because they're used to their adventures together involving racing each other across open field, he stayed round and connected. Once we got the arena to ourselves and I finally asked him to trot, he went right to work without any fuss.

Who is this strange pony with a work ethic and no attitude? I do not know him.

oh, it's that kind of ugly horse! okay, i know him.

He did want to curl under a bit warming up instead of carrying himself, and when asked to come up he got a little heavy in the left rein. However, I put leg on and he responded by going forward and getting down to business. Um, what?

I had Hubby video Novice A and Training A. Neither are great quality because the camera doesn't appreciate dust and bad, alternating lighting but whatevski. At least you get something!

Novice A:

It's a boring, easy test. Nothing to see there except his canter is still pretty weak. That will improve with time as he rebuilds strength.

Training A (awful quality):

Also nothing too exciting to see. He got a little stuck in the corner just before the first canter because "ZOMG, CANTER" and then he wanted to break just before the lengthening, so the lengthening is pretty much nonexistent because I was focused on keeping him from switching behind which would have made him go cray.

Riding back to the barn, N commented that Bobby looked really relaxed and happy. Oh, just stop it. Are you insinuating that my horse isn't being pissy and rabid? Magic lies. I like them.

Today Sarah was longeing Memphis while I rode so we were stuck to using only the rail. He was actually even better today warming up even despite the lack of a longe. He did get a bit distracted by Memphis, but having to squeeze by a rampaging horse tracking the other direction and no boss human on its back to control it was a good excuse to keep an eye out for danger.

I worked on getting him more uphill and connected which he was a serious champion about. We did some shoulder in and leg yielding both directions, and he was an absolute champion about that, too. We finished with a super R-L flying change.

I'm biding my time for a blow up. It's in there somewhere, sneaky horse. It's going to be fucking frigid Monday so no riding then, but....was that projected forty degrees by the end of the week? Summer!


  1. He really does look nice and steady.

    OMG! I saw the 10 day forecast and I was so excited! Above 40 for how long? It really will be summer!

  2. Yay for good work & good weather on the horizon!

  3. Bobs is all like, "whatevs. I got this yo."

  4. Oh Bobby. You always make me laugh.

  5. Wow, niceness. Glad weather and Bobby are cooperating.


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