Saturday, July 27, 2013

Whoops, we jumped!

Yesterday I convinced myself I could sneak in a quick flat in the indoor. I had to drop off my board check anyway, so I got Bobby squeaky clean and bent down to pick his feet. "Hmm. Why did he put this shoe on so weird? Did he do that--hold on. Why are there only three nails in here?" And then I pulled his LH shoe off since it was trying to part ways anyway. Awesome. NF will be here next week...sometime. Hopefully while I'm gone so I can get right to work Thursday.

ninety percent of the time i walk into the barn, this is what i find.
dude loves his naps.

I went down this morning to make sure everything was in order for me to leave, I dropped off clean polos.....and I rode. Whoops. The LF was a little loose, but not jangling/ nails ready to pop out loose and I don't mind riding with a back shoe gone. So I tacked up with the plan to w/t maybe canter around the outdoor.

clearly an exhausting proposition.

I put him on his circle and we did our transitions, but with so much stretch I was having to hide my giddiness from J who was brush hogging the field right next to us. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a little batty as it is, so giggling to myself when alone in a giant arena was not going to help my cause. But yay stretch!

Then I was like, "I dunno, Robert. You feel puh-retty good to me, and there's a whole course of baby jumps set up..." Then we jumped all the things. Whoops.

dayum. do you follow?

Two medium sized cross rails, one 2' vertical in the three stride line (that actually rode in three because Bobby was loping along "jumping" these as a canter stride), the picket fence (2'3", the grey line), and a 2'6" vertical (the black line). No refusals, no rails, no fuss--which is as it should be for such tiny fences, but he was in a bit with no martingale. We'll call that a win, bitches.

"bobby, pose!"
"no, i do not know that word."

To finish our daily nonsense, inspired by Yankee, I tried to get Bobby to take his between-the-legs carrot stretch down to a full bow. He was so confused.

Me: Come and get the cookiez!

Bobby: Yayyy! I lovez the cookiez!

Me: Now bend this left leg a little more...

Bobby: LOLZ, my legz. They do the funny things.

Me: Bobby--

Bobby: I almost fell over! Where iz the cookiez?

Me: Right here, stupid. A for effort, F- for brains.

"you put your left foot here, and your right foot there."
"wait. say what?!"

So that will need work.....


  1. HAHAHAHA that picture of bobby bowing is seriously cracking me up. His legs look broken, honestly.

  2. Well that bow will definitely be a nice deep stretch. So much stretch. So good.

    I may be alone here, but I actually miss his buttercup ears!

  3. Lol. The picture is priceless.

  4. He is definitely trying. What a goof!

  5. That picture is hilarious!

  6. I love carrot stretches, but I'm always afraid that Arch is going to smoosh me when I ask him to bow. Questionable balance in that one!

    Love the course graphic! Psh.. "tiny fences"!

  7. Yay on the jumping! And the stretching - that definitely has promise!!


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