Sunday, July 14, 2013

Take Me to the Rodeo

Are you giddy with excitement from the title yet?


Well, you'll have to wait a bit longer to get there. First up is a Spyder Pants summary.

Spyder and Bobby both had Thursday off (which Bobby really didn't need, but I just couldn't get down there), but on Friday I pulled the big lug in from his paddock and set about making him look presentable. It's a little annoying that the girl that considers him "hers" can't even bother giving him a bridle path unless there's a show on the immediate horizon. Whatevs. He's now sporting a freshly pulled mane and banged tail and his bridle fits over his head. On the manners front, he was quite good for the whole ordeal, especially since I made him stand in the courtyard while the wash stall was being used.

not from friday, but the sharp looking lug head regardless.
His warm up was really pleasant, so I decided to run him through BN A--the most remedial eventing test ever. It's a trot circle and a canter circle at one end of the arena, walk across the diagnol, and another trot and canter circle at the opposite end. He was doing well up until the final canter circle (although his free walk was nonexistent) which of course was at his "I'm a retard" corner.

He picked up the canter, started the circle, and away we went to the other end of the ring, facing the opposite direction we started in. He got a pony club kick (or two or three) and put right back onto the circle. I was ready for him the second time he did it and caught his booty with my whip as he started diving over, and we were able to finish with two circles in a row without incident and a rather lovely halt at X. Afterwards, he stood like a rock to get hosed down, which I was more pleased with than his under saddle work.

happy, brave horse in the outdoor.

He was ridden by S on Saturday, but I was really pleased to be greeted by BO when I walked in to ride Bobby and she told me that Spyder had been absolutely perfect for his lesson that morning. She said she liked the new bit (It's a segunda, guys. Drop dead, I know. BM brought me a hunter dee with a french link to transition him to eventually, so it won't be his bit forever.), and to keep riding him because it's doing him good. I was like, "Yay, me!" Then I continued into the barn and was greeted by S with, "Carly, Spyder was soo good today!" I'm glad my manners boot camp is paying off. He goes to a show next weekend so hopefully he'll continue being sensible.

Today, Hubby got to play on Bobby with Sarah and Blackberry and I took Spyder up to the outdoor with them. I don't know the last time he's been up there; BO has been teaching the majority of her lessons in the indoor this summer because it's either melting or pouring. The last time he's been out there may very well have been last fall. I put him on the longe and he plodded along at the trot for a few laps without fuss so I just got on.

He took a peek at the piles of standards and poles, but he didn't spook at anything and trotted around like a complete gentleman. I put him on a circle to canter him and he didn't try to blow through my outside leg once. Good pony! His canter to trot transitions still need some work as I'd really like him going completely off my seat and he's not quite there yet for that transition. I parked him off to the side watch Hubby and Bobby go careening around the ring and he stood like a rock the whole time.

spyder trying to figure out wtf is going on behind him.

being a very brave boy while hubby swung the rope. he had one baby scoot
and that was it.

We did have to have one more discussion about manners when I stopped to drop my gloves in the barn and he ran right over me. I yelled at him and reached back to smack him in the chest, but the yelling scared him so much that he'd already jumped backwards out of reach. He looked chastised enough so I left it at that.

Now for Robert. Bobby has been in his own boot camp: flying change boot camp. He's been doing them on a figure eight on the short side of the arena for the past several days because.....

Bobby's going to the rodeo Tuesday!

It's just a fun show before the professional rodeo starts, but he's still going to get to do barrels and keyhole. I'm a little bit excited about this. I haven't barrel raced since Red and I'd forgotten how much fun it is. Especially when your horse actually listens to you, and Red never made any pretense about that. Red's idea of barrel racing was, "I'll turn, but you better be hanging on because my favorite part--taking off with you--is coming up!"

hubby has fun around barrels.

At this point, Bobby was pushing three weeks of collective time off and he has been taking this new gaming side of himself way too seriously. I tried my happy mouth dee on him first and had literally no brakes--I had to turn him into the fence to stop him multiple times. I put a short shanked tom thumb on him Saturday and had no steering and still questionable brakes. Today, I put the slow twist loose ring on him and he was very good at steering and almost stoppable. Almost.

I've found that keyhole, while being totally simple in theory, is really fucking hard. However, Bobby seems to have really taken to the barrels and he was fixing his leads coming up to the barrels for Hubby automatically.

bobby wasn't impressed with hubby wanting to trot.
in fact, the whole time hubby rode, i was a little worried bobby wasn't going to stop at all.

Since he's so big, he looks like a giant lummox going down the straightaway, but I think once he gets turned loose in the giant rodeo arena, he'll be able to use his massive stride to his advantage.

the godfather shows us how a race-bred quarter horse gets it done.

Needless to say, Sarah and I have been giggling like lunatics to ourselves the past few days. Myself included, I think there are close to ten riders from the barn showing, and of course a lot of the barn "family" will be there to cheer us on/make fun of our group of hunter riders.

Can't wait!


  1. A rodeo sounds exciting! Barrel racing is one of my favorite western disciplines, and I can't wait to read more about you and Bobby trying it out again. Have fun!

  2. That sounds so fun! I used to barrel race, in fact that was the first discipline that I did. Kind of miss it, can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

  3. That sounds like sooo much fun!!

  4. Super cool!! Have fun at the rodeo on OMG GIRL GET PICTURES!!!

  5. I keep asking my husband to hop on Archie and he adamantly turns me down. I think it'll be a stretch to one day get him on a trail horse, so I appreciate that your hubby is so willing and able to ride Bobby.

  6. I have used a Segunda on Henry ... I swear he has a mouth of steal.

    You will have so much fun at the rodeo! Is it more like a Gymkhana?

  7. I knew it would be barrel racing, can't wait to see Bobby kill it western style. As I know he will. Jingle and I will be cheering him (and you i guess, but you got this, duh.) on from the "are we lame? who knows" sidelines!

  8. That sounds so fun! Can't wait for the pictures. Bobby is looking pretty toned and ready to rodeo.

  9. So much fun! I gamed when I was younger (and a few summers ago) and had such a blast. If I had a western saddle I'd totally be taking Dandy to fun shows. Keyhole is my FAVORITE!

  10. I love gymkhana type events,and yes keyhole is a PITA especially without good brakes and steering

  11. That sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!


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