Monday, July 8, 2013


Since there's a show recap post, I'm sure you can all surmise that NF did make it out on Saturday. I was surprised, but I was also thankful he finally came. $200 and some cringe-worthy news about the RF later, he asked me if I was planning to ride. I looked at him for a minute. "NF, I have a show tomorrow." As in, why the fuck do you think you were supposed to be out two weeks ago?! In the end, I didn't end up riding. I gave Bobby some bute to combat any foot soreness, swaddled him in fly gear, and let him go out for five hours before bringing him in for a bath and lock down. Our show prep amounted to three indoor dressage rides and three tack walks in two weeks. Zero jumping. Zero hacking.



Hubby, Bobby, and I played a little game the whole day: Will Carly survive the heat? It read 94* in the truck, but with the humidity and the blazing sun with no shade, it felt at least a million degrees hotter. And that is hot, my friends. So hot that when I went to pull on my brand new white breeches, I was already sweating so badly that they didn't want to come up my legs all the way and I had a really convenient saggy crotch that didn't want me to spread my legs all the way when in the saddle. It was super helpful.

the unicorn horn is so attractive.

Also helpful was not having a dressage saddle any longer as Bobby's tank-like shoulders are now too big for my current one. Oh, well. I started the warm up and while Bobby was his typical tense, distracted self, he wasn't being at all naughty. For both of us hating this venue and him not getting worked all week, I was grateful that the heat at least helped keep him "chill". After about fifteen minutes, I gave up and parked Bobby in the shade for a few minutes. Then I felt bad that I was just sitting on him and he was so bothered by the bugs that I got off of him and we hung out with Hubby ringside for ten minutes until it was time to get back on for our test.

cooling down in warm up.

I thought our test was as good as could be expected for having to deal with the heat and not having the best prep. We got scores from 8s to a 5 (for the stupid free walk--we really need to work on that), and ended up with a 34.3. Mid-thirties again. I know it's nothing to be ashamed of, but this horse is so easily capable of scoring in the twenties, and he's done it before. I wish I could figure out what I need to do to transfer that over from home to show. Maybe I need to go on a circle and stare at my horse's ears without worrying about the other riders sharing the ring with me; there's one stupid whore in every crowd....


There were only twenty five minutes between my dressage and stadium, and I came out of the arena feeling like I was going to puke. I still had to go back to the trailer to switch out bridles and put a dry pad on Bobby. Hubby and I got the horse untacked, I sponged him down with cool water spiked with liniment, and Hubby scraped him off as I sat with my head between my knees and tried to stomach my Gatorade. Before I knew it, it was 12:23 and we were supposed to be in the ring in two minutes. I tacked Bobby back up without rushing and got back on. There was no way they were going to eliminate people for showing up late with the short turnaround and the extreme heat. 

the course squeezed into the tiny stadium ring.

We got to the ring at 12:28. I hadn't seen the course yet and obviously hadn't gone over a fence yet, but I was accosted by a snotty teen-aged volunteer as soon as I showed up. "Your entire division is running so behind. You need to be in the arena right now." And then she walked away. Mmm sorry, honey. I watched one rider go, stared at the course map for a second, and we went in with zero warm up. Bobby's first jump in two weeks was the first jump on course.

tight bending line to fence 3.
I couldn't communicate to my hands to pick up my neck strap, but I at least remembered to grab mane. My stirrups were still at dressage length and I was starting to feel nauseous again, but I played it smart and brought Bobby back to the trot for the turns so I wasn't running him into fences off of crazy angles. He responded like a champ and once I got him turned to the next jump, he picked up the canter on his own and jumped around calmly.

cute pony knees, strange carly hands.

No rails, no refusals, and really not a bad round. A little unorganized, but with the heat and finding out the course literally two minutes before riding it, I was really pleased with my pony.

so happy my pleasant packer was back for the day.
We ended up finishing on our dressage score for seventh place out of a big division of sixteen riders. I didn't see the score sheet because we schooled xcountry after cooling off from stadium and I just ran in and grabbed my ribbon and test as we were leaving, so I don't know how our score stood up to everyone else's. 

i got to show off and explain my ottb tee to a few people at the gas station who
wandered over to admire bobby as we fueled up. 

Overall, despite the horrible heat, I was satisfied with how the show went. For fucks sake, if nothing else we finally finished a show again! I don't know where or when we'll show next. Originally, the next two shows were going to be at Bucks, but I don't we'll back to show there in the near future. I'll keep my eye out for dressage shows, and see if BO can suggest some jumper shows. 

this baby rolled just as we left the barn. 

Stay tuned for a xcountry schooling report!


  1. Sounds like a good show to me, all that happened/didn't happen prior, you went around well and sane.

  2. I love how you just went in and winged it! Total bad ass right there. :)

  3. Finishing is good! And stadium sounded great considering no warm up.

  4. That course SUCKS!!! I'm glad you delt eith the eart etc it was a great schooling experience and he looks good!

  5. To have NF show up on Saturday, be in the ribbons after minimal show prep AND not die of heat stroke is kind of an amazing feat. Congrats on a show well finished!

  6. you look way overheated in the jump photos, props for staying on,let alone doing well!

  7. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I am definitely coming next time you're nearby! Also, your comment about the whore... bahahahahahahaha!

  8. Yay for a good outing, especially considering the lack of prep rides, Bobby's poor farrier situation, the heat, the humidity, the idiots, the stirrup lengths, the minimal time between sections....really quite amazing actually. =) You and Bobby look so happy with that ribbon and your OTTB tee!

  9. Congrats. Love the pics you guys look great :-) Considering everything you did well!!

  10. Congrats...sounds like a success!


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