Thursday, February 14, 2013


Mr Magee had his sassy pants on today. He spent his entire time in the aisleway trying to escape to the great outdoors, and then nearly bowled me over when I tried to stop him by the mounting block. Aww hell no. We had a brief in-hand Come to Jesus about personal space and stopping when I say stop before I swung on. Then we had another Come to Jesus when he walked off as soon as I was on which is my number one pet peeve in horses.

That pretty much set the tone for our entire ride. We walked for a solid fifteen minutes working on a plethora of things--things Bobby really had no interest in participating in.

Bobby: I think I heard a noise.

Me: No you didn't. Keep moving.

Bobby: Oh, okay.

Me: No, keep moving faster than a sloth, Bobby.

Two seconds later...


Me: Put your fucking head on straight before I let you hear the noise of me ending your life.

Five minutes later...

Me: Bobby, why are you incapable of keeping the contact when I ask you to walk off from a halt?

Bobby: Wait, what?

Me: This. This is what I want, Bobby!!!!

Bobby: Ohhhh. Got it.

Two minutes later....

Bobby: I call this move the spinning giraffe on ice skates.

Me: All I wanted was a quarter turn on the forehand.

Bobby: Weeeeee!!! Look! I'm still spinnning!!

His trot was moderately more cooperative, so I decided to end with a run through of Novice A in sitting trot. Not because it's difficult, but because it's more fun. And it looks prettier. Bobby hasn't cantered in nearly two weeks and the first 20m circle was a bit of a rodeo. Plus, it was obviously his cue we should be cantering nonstop for the rest of the ride.

Bobby: Canter? Why not gaaallopp!! Trot? How about.... gaaallopp!! Across the diagnol? How about.... wait, hold on. My front and back ends just went opposite directions. Alright, better now. Gaaallopp!! Down the centerline? Gaall-- No, time out. I like going down the centerline.

And then he had a fancy prance and ended on a 10 halt.

His foot isn't a hundred percent healed, but it's clearly not bothering him any longer. Hopefully sassy pants will get a real workout this weekend.

sunday sass.


  1. Your posts always make me giggle. Those OTTB's can definitely be a handful after some time off! Happy Valentine's day to you and Bobby btw!

  2. Sounds like someone was a little fresh today.
    Lol love how you wrote this post.

  3. someone was fresh and excitable i giggled all the way through reading this! :) Glad his foots improved :)

  4. "I call this the spinning giraffe on ice skates" - Best quote of all time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can verbalize every argument with their horse... AND write it down. Comic strips are my next step.

  5. Sassy horse... Glad he's feeling better.

  6. Love the Giraffe comparison - please keep the conversation posts coming - muy entertaining! :D

  7. Sounds like everyones got a case of Spring Fever!


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