Monday, February 18, 2013

Sassy Pants? Try Pissy Pants.

Bobby got his second "jump school" in the indoor Saturday. It wasn't really a jump school. It was more me riding in a jumping saddle so I could do some real half seat work and work on my feel of what Bobby's jumping canter needs to be. We just so happened to go over three baby jumps (2'6 and a 2' line) a few times.

He did duck out to the right the first time I turned him in to the single vertical, but it took him a bit by suprise and, turning in to it, it almost looked like you were going to jump into the oxer. An opening left rein helped, but it also made him land on the incorrect lead. Since our flying changes lately have ranged from rarely there to OMGIhavefeetwhat, he only switched in front which put us out of balance for the turn to the line.

At this point, I'm pretty much taking the "whatever" stance on it. I know the problem is his hind end, I know the solution to the problem is strength work, and I know that I can't do any consistent strength work until winter is over. Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fucking winter, is all I have to say about that.

No, actually, I have a lot to say about the matter, but I don't want to work myself into an anti-winter rage that accomplishes nothing. Yay, ponies.

"yay, cookies?"
Bobby was in rare form Sunday. (I love that expression. It's the ultimate "You're being an asshole" saying.) Sunny went down to the ring just before us which was also a big "whatever" because I enjoy riding with Bobby's long lost brother. His mom is nice to ride with because we both keep an eye on what the other person is doing and easily stay out of each other's way. However, less enjoyable people to ride with arrived so I went to work pretty quickly to try to get as much out of my ride as I could before they invaded the arena.

Bobby was crooked, stiff, and completely unaccomidating to any of my requests. He had no interest in playing that day. Then in came L who proceeded to lunge her horse in the middle of our small dressage court sized arena with two other riders in it. Awesome. There is so much room for that!!!!!! I parked Bobby off to the side to avoid collision and waited for her to finish.

She got done and her daughter came in with another horse. Unfortunately, neither L or her daughter have much spatial awareness when it comes to sharing a small space. Bobby's general pissy attitude quickly escalated to full out naughtiness and we had several of his classic flying backwards and spinning around temper tantrums. He did have some really jaw dropping lateral work though. It just usually ended with bucking and backing instead of ending with going straight.... or forward.

I finally threw in the towel and excused myself from the arena to go on a quick trail ride. I really wanted to work him out of it, but there just wasn't the room or the right riders to work around. The ground was horrendous from the constant thawing and freezing, but I just gave Bobby his head and let him do what he wanted speed-wise. We trotted most of it, galloped up our hill, and picked our way down the steepest, longest hill to get back.

"lala, not listening."
He's getting fit, he's coming off of sporadic work, he's getting bored, and it's all coming together to make both of us feel like ripping our hair out. I am sooooo ready to start weekly trot sets in the xcountry field, daily trail rides, and jumping in a big arena. Begone, winter!


  1. Agreed! Winter has over stayed it welcome! Bring on the sun!

  2. Winter blah for sure. It was warming up here and now getting cold again. I have had it, too. Bobby looks cute at least.

  3. I don't envy your unrideable winters, that's for sure. Then again, you probably don't envy the amount of rain we get here.
    I feel your pain!

  4. Cavalettis are great for strength work, trot and canter ones. Might be something to try!

    1. That is actually the icing on the cake because I had them set up Sunday! I didn't want to go out on the trails because the ground was so awful so I figured I'd do cavaletti work instead, but I didn't get to go over them before our personal space was invaded.

  5. The lack of spatial awareness irritates me too. At my farm we have a rule where those riding have to be okay with the person lunging if there is more than 1 rider. And we have a pretty large indoor. I hate lunging when people are riding if at all possible so I try not to. Nothing worse than trying to Share the ring with Someone that doesn't know what sharing means. Hopefully your next ride is more positive :)

  6. Begone cold temps, snow, ice and general nastiness that is winter!
    Roll on Spring/Summer and no more shedding! Argh, I ate so much horse hair last night it's not funny! :(
    Hope Bobby is in a better working mood for the week ahead!

  7. I agree - winter, be gone with ye. You know how much more pleasant it would be to do hill work than trot over cavaletties? Maybe someday soon the sun will magically come out of hiding and the ground will dry up and the grass will grow and we can say Au Revoir to the confines of the indoor.

  8. I am with ya! So ready for outside rideable weather!

  9. Im not envying you reading about your winter blahs. Although I hope the weather sorts itself out soon. Meanwhile I am enjoying an awesome summer which I dont want to end.


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