Sunday, February 10, 2013


This is my third winter in PA, and I must say that I am still blown away by the tizzy fit these people have about a little bit of snow. Not all of them, but most of them. We got a whopping two inches (!!) of snow from Nemo. Whoa, Nelly! Schools got let out early, yada yada, the whole shebang. Really, people? Two inches? Back in my days of upstate NY living, no one even noticed two inches. In fact, it wasn't until we got two feet that people started relaxing. I salute all of you New Englanders that are all, "Yep, we got a lot of snow. Moving on."

Since we didn't get anything exciting, I'll post a few NY pictures of blizzards over the years because I'm feeling a little nostalgic for real winter (although I have enjoyed not having to pull the snow shovel out once this winter).

previous ottb storm let loose in the yard while i did his stall.
feb. 2010
he loved to antagonize my goats.
same storm in '10.

darcy in an '09 storm. (oh my gosh, my puppy is getting old!)
valentine's day '07.
same storm. i lived in a basement apt. and this bunny tunneled
to my window to eat sticks.
red pony! '07.
So suck up our lame two inches, PA. You guys are just silly.

Anyway, even I am taken aback by how much I fucking ramble sometimes. Bobby's abcess blew Friday night/Saturday morning. I got to the barn Saturday and he was hanging out in Simon's stall while his got cleaned.

looking for attention. stall rest is boring.
Our dear friend Barn Worker decided once again that throwing hay down as I was trying to utilize my stall was a good plan, so I took Bobby down to the indoor until the aisle was cleared to see how he was feeling. He practically dragged me down and then the second his lead was unclipped, he took off bucking and farting to the end of the arena to roll. After he was thoroughly coated in dirt, he spent the next ten minutes tearing ass around on his own accord.

 I would like to insert a very brief rant in here. There is a difference between free lungeing and letting your horse loose in an arena/round pen. Free lungeing is controlled exercise with your horse, telling it where to go and at what speed. Free lungeing is having your horse listen to you and the cues from your body--back up, come in, turn around to the inside or the outside, etc. Turning your horse loose and chasing it with a whip as it bucks and snorts and probably rolls is not free lungeing. It's chasing your horse. Probably has its place, but it's not the same thing. Want to learn more? Buy Fundamentals of Free Lungeing by Dr Stephen Mackenzie, one of my all-time favorite professors during college. Please, everyone in the entire world, stop saying that you're free lungeing unless you actually are. It drives me fucking batty.

Off my soap box now.

That was officially the end of stall rest. I cleaned his foot off and finally saw the decent sized hole in his heel where the nasty thing blew. I asked BM if I should bother wrapping it again, but we decided to just let the fluffy snow (they got six inches at the barn) keep it clean. We brought Spyder and Bennie in and turned Bobby out with his nighttime pasture mates Silver and Ranger for a bit. He was like, "I'm outsiiiiidddeeee!!!" and couldn't stand still for a second.

polite, patient pony for stall rest, but who doesn't love to eat snow?
This morning, the hole looked really good and he wasn't bothered by me poking at it, so after giving him a good grooming, I took him up to the outdoor and jumped on bareback. He shot about three feet sideways as I jumped on, but my thunder thighs are good for something and I stayed on and repaid him with a boot to the ribs. That was his only naughtiness and we went right into real dressage work, albeit at a walk, for about ten minutes.

I tried to convince him that it would be cute if he romped and rolled in the snow, but he was more convinced he should just take a nap.

"really, lady? i lead a hard life. i should be allowed to nap."
napping conformation pic.
i love how much his neck has filled out, but that booty...
following me back to the gate. i got bored quickly.
So hell fucking yes for a four day turnaround of, "You need to come to the barn right now. Your horse is lame to the extreme." to "I'm a maaaaniac! Set me free!"

Easiest patient ever, Mr Magee. We both thank you for all of your healing juju!


  1. Oh man. His facial expressions are PRICELESS.
    Also- I see some fancy Bobby trots in that vid. Ooooo Ahhhhh.

  2. I love the looks that he gets on his face they really do make me giggle!

    I love the video, someone was deffo feeling better! Also he has some really nice trot movements! He's such a nice horse he really looks good!

  3. I'm with you on the 2" snow does not equal panic. I woke up 630am Saturday morning and through a fit because they closed down the roads and I couldn't get to the barn. I'm in RI and I couldn't believe they closed down the road for 1.5 feet of snow. I mean come on... I have a 4x4. Check out my blog later for REAL snow riding pictures :) The boy looks good by the way. Glad to see he's feeling better!

  4. Agreed on the snow, I mean I am Canadian!

    Glad the abscess blew. Must be a big relief!

  5. Glad the abcsess has blown and is healing.

  6. Texas is even worse. It dusts (which is rare) and people FREAK OUT. Love all your snow pictures!

  7. Hey I nominated you for a blogging award. Just go to my blog and follow the directions!

  8. So glad it was just an abscess! Love the picture of his snowy nose. :)

  9. 2 inches here is a big deal. But I think different areas are better equipped to handle certain weather. Glad bobby is doing better.


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