Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Broken things

All sorts of excitement greeted me when I got to the barn today. I came in and Bobby's medium weight was hanging outside his stall. BM had taken it off (and put a different blanket on him--she didn't leave his sorry ass naked) because of a giant tear in his bum.

The consensus is that it was probably Pilot, who has the 3yo chompies on everything and everyone. No big deal. I can sew it up easy peasy. It might look a bit puckered without a patch, but Bobby doesn't care. For the moment, Stripes is pulling the stuffing out and trying to turn it into a cave. She loves blanket repair time.

"me? be naughty? never. i was just having a roll."
I pulled Bobby's new blanket off and tied him to start grooming him. As always, I did a walk around him before getting started, looking for anything new or out of the ordinary on his giant dinosaur body. Right away I noticed a lump on his LH cannon bone. I poked it and it was a little squishy. I took my glove off (very reluctantly, I might add--it was freezing!) and ran my hand down it. It was maybe a touch warmer than the rest of the leg, but certainly not hot. I decided to lunge him before I got him tacked up and see if he was off at all.

photo bombed by barn kitty.
We headed down to the indoor to be greeted by the sound of Barn Worker dragging the arena. Not that I don't love a freshly dragged arena to ride in, but I had to roll my eyes a bit. Once more, BW is right where you don't need him. So Bobby and I took a little walk in the fresh snow by the pastures.

I waited as patiently as I could before asking Bobby to trot a small circle around me and deciding he wasn't off. BW takes forever to do anything. Back to the barn, tacked up, loafed around until I heard the tractor come back up, and then back to the arena for a real lunge. Bobby stepped out perfectly and I let him cruise around for awhile, admiring the fact that my horse might be just a little bit fancy. Definitely a giant dick half the time, but also a little fancy.

With two days off, he started off testing what he could get away with. Not today, Mr Magee! I made him do transistions up the whazoo until he decided we could just be friends and hold hands while we worked together. And then L came in and stuck her horse on the lunge again. Now when she came in, I was working on getting Bobby to bend left on a 20m circle at one end of the arena. Common sense would tell you to take the other half of the arena to work your horse in, right? Oh, no. She parked it right in the middle of the arena and let loose. BM came in with a horse to ride, joined me on my now 10-15m-ish circle, and still she remained in the middle of the arena.

Am I the only person who does not like horses going around on the end of a line in my horse's personal space? It's called a bubble. Please stay out of it at all times.

That made me a little pissy, and Bobby's lack of bend to the left (what's new?) started to fuel the fire. However, I took a mental step back, brought Bobby back to the walk, and worked on some pressure and release with the reins. By the time L got done lungeing, I was ready to try the trot again. I made sure I didn't let him hang on me and that I was releasing my inside rein, and voila! Lovely, soft left bend. He got lots of "Good boys!" and we stopped with that exercise.

We finished with a shit ton of canter work. Bobby was fresh to death, but with lots of half halts and not pretty but perfectly functional canter-halt transitions, he settled down. I wanted to do some counter canter with him, but when I took him across the diagnol, he gave me a flying change. Um, ok. He decided he wanted to work on those today instead, so we schooled them a bit. Most were pretty sloppy, but they were there and he was willing to try.

We hung out with BM on Scooter in the middle of the ring when we were done while L schooled her mare. Poor Bobby wanted to be BFFs with Scooter, but Scooter kept shutting him down by trying to bite his face. Bobby doesn't understand that his "I love everyone!" attitude in life isn't shared by most other horses.

hitching a ride to the barn on scooter during the summer.
warm weather, i miss you so much!


  1. Bobby: proving that dinosaurs can also be fancy.

  2. That Picture Is Seriously Making ME Cry! Come On SUmmer!! Glad YOur Blanket Wasnt Destroyed!

  3. I can't wait til it's summer again! It was awesome how Bobby wanted to school Flying Changes and kind of let you know :)

  4. I hate it when I take 20m of the arena and everyone else wants to be in it too... lol

  5. AHhh the dreaded blanket evisceration. Dickie tried to eat one of Josey's blankets just because he could reach it from his stall. So far the mares would tolerate him shredding blanekts they are actually wearing.

  6. The "ooh you're fancy" moments make up for some of the "stop being an ass" moments with Houston too! I totally agree with the personal bubble bit. If someone has to lunge in the arena it is always preferred in my mind that they pick one end... Then the people riding have a bigger area!

  7. Ignorant lunging and bubble invasion are my major pet peeves in the arena. Bring on summer, and outdoor arenas!

  8. How annoying about L lunging in the middle of the arena. Oh well sounds like you had a good ride anyways.


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