Friday, January 25, 2013

Tentatitve Schedule

I haven't been out to see Bobby since Monday. It hasn't reached twenty degrees here which is my cutoff for riding weather, and when you're as broke as I am, it's hard to justify driving thirty miles to the barn to feed your horse cookies. I actually contemplated going out this morning, but first I went into town for dog food and groceries. I came out of Tractor Supply and saw my right front tire looking very, very sad.

Apparently I ran over something in the parking lot that made short work of my recently replaced tire. Sad face. However, changing a tire is one of the very, very few things I'm capable of doing that involves cars (The other two being adding wiper fluid and checking my oil level. Look out.). I lifted the cover in my trunk to grab my jack and spare and let out a series of rather creative curses. Turns out the tire hanging out in the spare's space is actually an old blowout--a rather massive blowout. I've never bothered checking before.

At this point, I do what any helpless woman would do and called Hubby. I'm not sure what Hubby was going to do. Magically make a new tire appear? It didn't matter because Hubby was on his way to Jersey Shore (bitch.) for important business. He said to go back into TSC and buy Fix-a-Tire. Done and done, Hubby.

Well, Fix-a-tire failed with an F-. I could hear air wooshing out of my tire as I tried to bring it back to life. I guess I ran over a fucking knife? Who knows. With Hubby crossed off the list, I caved and called AAA for a free tow. I waited in my car with my puppies (who must get their cookies at TSC or they hate me for days) and blasted the heater for an hour waiting for the tow truck.

The puppies were a little unsure about the tow guy, who was a giant, but once he doled out his own cookies and put the truck in drive, they were like, "Yay, car ride! Yay, best friends!" They fail as guard dogs.

pig keeping our driver's seat warm.
So there's your non-horse related story for the day, although it explains why I am not going to see Bobby yet again. Hopefully I can get a tire tomorrow and be back on schedule. I think it's even supposed to be 26* Sunday! Trail riding weather for sure.

But now for your pony fix. Since it's been too cold to ride, I've been slowly and torturously pencilling in a show schedule. I'm still waiting on the Williamsport Riding Club to finish their schedule so I can look at their dressage shows. However, here's where I'm at so far:

April: Cross country school at Burgundy sometime mid-month. I'll be coordinating with Sarah on this one as she wants to take Memphis to an event or two this year.

May: Novice at Burgundy on the 5th, followed by N at Bucks the next weekend. Both unrecognized.

June: Recognized N at GVRDC on my birthday and the first recognized at Bucks two weeks later. Never been to Geneseo before, but I'm looking forward to new places this year.

July: BCHP CT at Training on the 7th. School cross country afterwards. I have a big blank space under July and August. I learned the hard way last year that I can't go very long between shows or my brain motivation is lost. I'll be on the lookout for jumper or dressage shows to fill the void.

August: BCHP Schooling on the 11th. I don't know if I'll do this one or not.

September: Recognized at Bucks the 8th. Maybe Training? We'll see how it goes. Dressage show the next weekend.

October: Radnor Hunt recognized the 12th. It's only two and a half hours away, but it's a beefy ass course so it was not on the to-do list last year. I'd like to make it this year though.

All the shows are on the sidebar now. It looks like a lot of fun, but who knows how many I'll actually make it to.

Also, I still have no groceries.


  1. Flat tires suck!! I'm a magnet for dry wall screws for some reason.

  2. That's no fun :( hope you can get a new tire asap. I stupidly hit a curb last month and blew out 2 tires. Not fun at all.

  3. Not having much luck recently doesn't sound like it is that much fun :(, hopefully you can get everything sorted sooner or later. I'm a disaster magnet :)

  4. If you come to Radnor, I'll come photograph you! Radnor is about 20 minutes from me!

  5. Frig, we got a flat this weekend too. Boo!

    Sorry that happened to you, hope you find a new great cheap tire!

    Pig dog is so cute xx


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