Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dressage and Hacking

We had another full arena for our ride yesterday, but it was with the same group of people as last Saturday so things went pretty smoothly. Bobby hadn't been ridden in four days and it was still super cold out, but he went right to work without fuss. He's gotten so mature in his flat work in the past month. He's all business now.

My friend, who worked with Bobby while he was at my college after getting retired, posted this on my Facebook today:

That was Robert pretty much all last year. He started figuring things out in the fall, but he was still inconsistent. Now, while we have things to work through and it's certainly not perfect all the time, we no longer consistently look like this:


 A walk in the park.

Grown up fancy pants. Mostly.

After I was done with Bobby, BO asked me to canter her horse for her because of her back problems. Tyler is a school master to the core and he was not amused by my ammie mistakes asking for flying changes down the long side. "Shift your outside hip back, idiot, and I'll change. Oh? Poke me with your spur, too? Fuck you. I'm changing back." Eventually we figured each other out (less is more, Carly), but it was still fun.

I stuffed cookies into Bobby and turned him out where he adorably tried to convince me we should be BFFs instead of parting ways.

"my friends are playing on top of the hill..."
"but i'll still give you the option of coming back over to give me scritches."

This morning, I walked into the barn to find an unsuspecting BM's daughter just getting Spyder ready. "Oh hey, S! Want to go on a trail ride with me?" No one is ever around to ride out during the winter, and I like trail riding with people. S agreed and we got tacked up and then warmed up quickly in the arena.

I can't remember the last time Spyder's been out on trails, and he doesn't get worked very regularly, but S is a really nice rider and Spyder, while green, is a good boy. Bobby picked up on his bestie's jitters, but instead of feeding off of him and joining in, he slowed his walk to a snail's pace and plodded along beside him like, "Chill, dude. It's all groovy out here." Such a good pony. We did end up ponying them for a bit just because Spyder was really yanking on S and he was getting a little too prancey for her. He settled down enough by the end of our forty minute walk to try to eat some trees.

We got back to the barn and BM (S's mom) was like, "I can't believe she went out with you! She never trail rides." BM did say S told her she had fun though, so hopefully I didn't inadvertantly scare the shit out of her.

Carly and Bobby: Forcing Helping people out of their comfort zones since 2012.


  1. It's so cool that she went out with you even though she hates it, I think you will really have helped her :) There's such a difference in the pictures it's amazing you do so well!

  2. Wow that second picture he looks awesome!

  3. peer pressure for the win.. jk!

    Glad you guys had fun!

  4. 2nd picture is great. I also pushed a friend kinda out of her comfort zone a bit this weekend and the. Wouldn't you know yesterday she was braver than all get out. So fun. I love trail rides!

  5. What a change!

    Just being a good eventer you are :)

  6. I just plain love reading your posts, you crack me up every time! And what a improvement between pics, great stuff!

    "Carly and Bobby: Forcing Helping people out of their comfort zones since 2012." <- LOL!

  7. Your friend's post is hilarious....and almost too familiar. Glad you got out on the trails, hopefully you have a trail convert.

  8. You and bobby have come so far. What a good boy.


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