Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trail Ride in Pictures

I headed out with Robert bright and early this morning. It was pretty chilly and Bobby did his best fire breathing dragon impression the entire one hour ride. Here's where we go:

headed onto the trail.

deer radar on the alert.

headed into the first field.

through the woods ahead and to our first galloping hill.

second gallop path into the sunshine.

headed to the top of that hill in the distance.

through the stream and across the road.

another gallop, up over this hill and along the hedgerow.

see the first patch of green next to the hills in the distance?
that's bobby's paddock.

walk break--time for the dragon to take a breather.

we have to go up this steep trail to make a big loop....

...and come back down it to get back across the road.

headed back home.


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