Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Obligitory East Coast Hurricane Post

...and like everyone else's posts, I have nothing exciting to report. We got about an inch and a half of rain and some crazy wind that took down three of our trees in the yard, but other than that things are fine. The lights didn't even flicker once!

I went to visit Bobby this morning. He was still alive, too.

"i'm ignoring you until you produce cookies."
I gave him a good grooming that he didn't really need since he stayed in last night and had his sheet on during turnout the night before. Took his boot off to give his naked foot some drying time (no word from the farrier yet who's much further south than us and may have been hit worse), and then took him down to the indoor to play around since his back legs had stocked up from being in.

trooping through the wind and rain.
We did some join up and for the first time ever, Bobby followed me around at the walk and trot instead of staring longingly at the other horses in the paddock. He might have been bribed by cookies, but even that hasn't worked in the past. Yay, friends!

Hopefully everyone else had an uneventful hurricane night!


  1. Awwww. Cute that he followed you. :) Pretty sure Cuna would only follow me if there were cookies or he thought he would get to go home to his box.

  2. Glad it was uneventful. Here in MI it was AWFUL last night! 35 mph winds, sleet, snow, rain-wtf! I was unprepared but luckily Laz seemed to not notice.


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