Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday's Ride

After Saturday, Sunday was back to spurs and dressage tack.

We walked for ten minutes and as I geared up to ask for the trot a trailer pulled in. I've seen the girl haul in for lessons before, though usually in the evenings, but this time she was with her mom and an extra horse.... who she then proceeded to bring into the indoor and tack up for the next twenty minutes. Not quite sure why she couldn't tack them at her trailer or, you know, take them into the barn and tack them up--especially since she didn't even end up riding in the indoor. The point of this story is I spent the entirety of my dressage ride on a 20-ish meter circle.

The video is nothing exciting, but you can see the pony party in the background.

More work on self carriage. I'm happy with the work. We're basically starting from step one now since he has to learn to prance around by himself instead of dump 1,200 pounds into my hands and have me ignorantly yank on him in return. He feels so much lighter, and while his "frame" isn't as consistent, I know this is the right way to go. Plus, can we not see a little more pep in Bobby's step in the way of forward? I'm thinking so.

Still a million things to work on. I'm really making sure I step into my outside stirrup and keep my inside shoulder from drooping, but I tend to forget about my inside leg and let it get loose and swingy. Reins still a touch shorter, and hands still need to come up more. But at least I wasn't feeling like a total failure. I was pretty happy with the dressage work.

So of course I decided to end with a couple of goes over the vertical. Some people never learn.

It only took about four tries before I was satisfied and quit. I only ended with a "Why do we suck?" this time instead of a total shit fit. Also, I think I might start jumping in my dressage saddle all the time. My leg felt so lovely. (No, I won't really. Let's not get excited.) Hopefully this spring I can go back to finding a good saddle for both of us since that search ended up as a failure this year.

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