Friday, October 5, 2012

Go away!

I'm so sick of these stupid stink bugs everywhere! The cats and dogs think they are the funnest things everrrr, but I'm not feeling it.

I know what you're thinking: We do not care about stink bugs. Well guess what? I did not particularly care for my ride today, so this whole post will be about bugs.

No, not really.

Here's what we spent the majority of arena time doing today:

bobby's all, fml.
Someone was being an absolute tool to ride. Completely sluggish until I started asking for trot-halt transitions to try to wake him up where he then turned into a giraffe. I tried for a canter and he took off with me twice. None of it was pain related either. Bobby acts very....sad, I guess, when you ask him to do something and it hurts. Like, "But why would you want me to do that? I thought we were friends? Poor, poor me. I guess I'll sacrifice my life to do it though. Sighhhhhh." Today he was like, "Haha, nope. Fuck you!"

So I got off and put the jerk on the longe where he spent the next twenty minutes learning some manners. He was being especially dick-ish to the right where he really thought he should just canter the whole time. Um, no. He tested me a few times to the left, but settled down quicker.

practicing his extended trot since i wouldn't let him canter.

I got back on to finish with a simple trot circle with no drama, but I had to work him another ten minutes before we managed even that. Total write off day.

On the bright side, New Farrier left a little note on the bottom of my bill saying, "Feet look better, but not out of the woods yet." I'll take any improvement! He also said to take it easy (i.e. no jumping) for the next few days to make sure his shoesies stay on. Having a farrier who actually pays attention and cares about your pony's toes is so nice. I haven't had a farrier like that since we moved down from NY.

Also on the bright side, Hubby and I went to our annual Farm Bureau meeting last night and got the new code for PAFB2012 gets you 10% off everything. Buy your pony something fancy. If you don't have a pony, you can buy my pony something fancy. He'll send you a thank you card.


  1. Loved that last sentence :)
    That second photo is fantastic. Really looks like he is using his hindquarters.
    Would be nice if they did that when you're actually ON them.. hehe.

  2. Hey better looking feet are always a plus.. shoot id rather that then them looking worse!

    PS folks can buy Henry stuff too when they buy Bobby things! ;)


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