Thursday, October 25, 2012

Combined Training

snorty pants magee eyes up the trailer.
Yesterday was like moving through molasses. It was so muggy and warm out, it was gross. Our ride started out feeling the same as the weather. Nothing was bad, per se, but things just felt sticky and gross. I finally got Bobby moving along after warming up with a pretty mediocre long and low trot with lots of transitions.

We moved on to parts of our dressage tests all over the arena--down the centerline from C both directions, circles all over, free walk to medium walk and back again across short and long diagnols, yada yada. Bobby was doing well to the right, but he was downright blah to the left. Nothing new there.

We took a timeout and went back to the walk to reinfoce "Inside leg behind your girth means move your inside hind leg over. Srsly." We did lots of leg yielding from the centerline to the quarterline, straighten out, walk to the next quarterline and leg yield back to the centerline. He finally settled into it and gave some super nice trot work.

I like that I'm becoming a little more patient and understanding since I have a really short temper, but I'm kind of worried about how I'm going to break down bending to the left in warm up Sunday. He's usually better after a canter, but not always. Hm. I guess I'll just have to see how crowded things get.

We finished with trot and canter circles at B and E each direction, changing direction down the centerline (must. stay. straight.), and had an awesome halt at G. Which is where I hope we're supposed to halt. Again, probably better look at that test.

bobby likes to put things in his mouth.
the barn cat realized he was next.
I had planned on another dressage school today, but there was still a lesson going on in the indoor when I got there so I decided to just bump up my last jump school a day. Bobby was snoozing, but after a firm tap with my whip and leg cramping squeezing during flat warm up, he was stepping right out and we had an awesome forward canter--including two flawless flying changes! Holla!

His warm up exercise was canter over the big X (it's set at 3'6 on the sides, so it's relatively substansial in the middle), canter off three strides, and WHOA. The running attachment helped us out the first time and he got a big pat. Then we walked the long side, picked up the canter again in the corner, cantered down the other long side to the jump, and repeat. A little lesson in manners and relaxation. He was super good until BO's horse got let out by himself. The horror! His pasture buddy was getting his toes done, but Tyler was pretty sure he'd been abducted and was quite concerned.

tyler scouring the pasture for simon.
Bobby wasn't sure what to make of this display of crazies, so when I asked him to pick up the canter he was a little distracted and he chipped over the jump. We cantered on without a stop and came around again like it was no big.

Next was the green vertical set at 3' At least I'm pretty sure it's 3'. It might be 3'3. I can never remember what the top hole is--whether it's 3'9 or 3'6. 99% sure it was only 3' though. Regardless, he came in the first time and I saw a legit long spot--not just a "You're running flat on your face, let's take this flyer, ahhh!" spot--gave him a tap, and he obligingly went over. Came around again with a bigger half halt in the corner and more leg and he cruised over it.

BM was still at the top of the hill, so I asked her to take a video. Thanks, BM!!

He looks a little speedy, but it felt big instead of fast. He didn't land in a heap and he came right back to a very polite trot. I had planned on doing the trot in one stride line you see us come between, but he was doing so well I ended it there. I know what ride he needs for Sunday. I felt confident, he felt confident, why wreck it by pushing harder? We're ready to be done!


  1. I don't think he looks speedy -- just nice and forward. I can't believe what a change you've made in him! Have fun this weekend! ps. that jump looks bigger than 3' -- just sayin'.

  2. ;) That jump is bigger than 3'. I'd guess 3'3" to 3'6". Bobby is actually jumping and he's not a wee tiny horsie.

  3. Holy wow! He looks GREAT. Not too speedy at all. Just right!


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