Saturday, October 20, 2012

A new winter vocation.

I had a really good ride yesterday, but I was definitely not in the mood to blog about it after hearing the news about Emily. The update is good: She had surgery on her leg last night to insert screws into her lower leg and foot, and she seems to be taking recovery pretty well so far.

hold on... that's not a horse!
I got to the barn later than usual, so Bobby was gearing up for his mid-afternoon nap (he also takes a full out cuddled up in his shavings siesta when he comes in for breakfast). I made sure to strap on my spurs and feed him extra cookies to boost his energy (pretty sure that's proven scientifically to work).

silver waiting for duct tape to be found.
bobby waiting for more cookies.
Bobby's one task for warm up was forward, and my goal was to make sure my position was correct. It might have been the two days off, but it was pretty fricking easy for both of us. Bobby was bouncy and loose, and I kept checking in on my own position and finding maybe one thing that need correcting. The rest was just minor tweaking--steadier hands, eyes up, you just let your reins slip through again, etc.

We ran through Novice A once for the first time in forever. I think Bobby's been studying the test because I was thinking about the first change of direction and how it's across the diagnol, and as we finished our first circle, Bobby made the turn down the centerline totally by himself. I was like, "Hold on! Oh.... you're right. Good pony." Probably ought to pull that bad boy out and give it another once-over.

It was an easy thirty minute ride, but it was super relaxed and enjoyable. We finished with a little hack around the farm since we're only allowed to go on trails Sundays during hunting season.

Today did not go quite as well. We started off with some ground driving in the arena. BO has agreed to teach both of us to drive this winter. I think we both need some non eventing time, and I think Bobby will pick up on the driving game really easily. Bobby has been ground driven before--we ground drove all the babies in training at school--but it's been a long time. We both started off a little rusty, but we ended with trot circles and changes of direction like they were no big.
pilot calls out bobby on his peppermint breath.
Got on, warmed up for a long time at the walk, and moved on to the trot. Perfect to the right, zero cooperation on bending to the left. I'm trying really hard not to nag about a frame, and I think I'm finally doing a good job, but that doesn't mean I'm going to put up with a crooked horse. So we brought it back down to the walk, then finally had a canter and got a good quality trot to the left afterwards.
I wanted to do some of the little jumps set up, but there was this woman riding Dollar in there with me. A dead slug could have lapped her, they were walking so slowly. I'd call out a jump and she'd just continue trudging around the rail with no acknowledgement. By "Heads up cross rail!" I kind of meant, "I'm going to run into you if you don't make a very easy circle where you are instead of continuing on directly into my path." I'm normally totally okay with people that glue themselves to the rail, or even make strange detours around the ring, but I was seriously about to flip shit at this woman. Go be a sloth in the outdoor if you have no intention of doing anything but walking!
I ended up going to the outdoor myself to hop over a xrail there. The footing was super deep from all the rain we've had, but it had been dragged so it was rideable. The xrail was at the most 18" in the middle. Bobby was super rude going over it, so I broke it down. Rush it at the trot? We'll go down to the walk. Once he was able to trot over it and after it, I let him canter off. Then we cantered. Rude at the canter? Back down to the trot. He finally just rolled right over it very politely and I patted him like he'd just jumped a 4' fence. No shaken confidence so close to a show!
He's getting clipped Monday, but he was super sweaty by the time we were done. He missed going out with his group, so I led him up and snapped some pictures of him and his amigos. He was nosing around in the hay left over and he looked up at me like this:
"oh, hai. why iz you laffing?"

the coolest kid in his paddock.

Trail ride tomorrow!


  1. Driving is fun! I've yet to hook Shy up to a cart, but I have gone on cart rides. Have fun!

  2. Ooooo. Does that mean we can to see Bobby in harness? What fun!
    Love that goober face.

  3. He is such a cute boy!! I love the pictures of him playing with his buddies. I think it's great you are going to drive with him. It is so fun just to do something different. They have had some extreme trail dressage based clinics in my area and I am dying to go.


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