Friday, September 14, 2012

Real Break Through, Real Break Down.

I made Robert do some real dressage work yesterday. True fancy prancing, my friends. He had a long walk warm up and by the time we started trotting Bobby was feeling ready to work. I put him through a regular warm up before asking him to start moving more uphill like a legit dressage pony instead of a slightly dressage-looking hunter horse. Bobby was all, "Whaaaa?!" until I gave up posting and started sitting.

I'm far more capable of getting results when I'm in sitting trot. Something about forcing myself to use my seat... What. A. Concept. I was all, "Faaaancy Praaaancing horsies go uphill, Mr Maaaaageeeee." (Yes, I do sing little songs to Bobby when I'm riding. Don't judge.) And he was all, "This is SO HARD, you wench!"

It was really hard. My abs were screaming, but Bobby was giving me what I asked for. It was inconsistent, but it is in there and it is pretty fancy. We pretty much looked like this:

For like, one stride. Ok, maybe not quite that fancy as Bobby is still Bobby, but we were holding it for longer than one stride--half the arena at a time, at least. I am super excited to keep working on this. My core? Not so much.

We also attempted a little canter lengthening as I've been looking over the Training A test. Novice A is basically the same as the BN tests and I can't stand just going into the arena and doing circles. We are not planning on moving up to training any time soon! The lengthenings were there. Not just going fast, but getting bigger. All that real dressage work at the trot helped us out. Coming back from the lengthenings? Uhh.... no comment. I can only ride well for so long.

It was such a gorgeous day outside that I decided to go out on a quick trail ride for a romp up our gallop hill. Here's the silly thing about me being so nervous on xcountry--I enjoy going fast. I used to be an exercise rider. Going fast does not scare me. So why do I choke Bobby back to a lope on course?!!!!???! Here's my game plan for next month's event: Go super fast between fences. Bobby adjusts and rates with a thought from me. I can slow him down to a pace I'm comfortable with before fences. In summary: Stop being such a wimp and start some critical thinking.

halfway down the gallop path, headed home.
Now for the real break down part. No, I did not break Bobby. Thankfully. I was driving home minding my own business and this crazy woman pulled out right in front of me talking on her phone. I laid on my horn and stood on my brakes to avoid ramming her. I burned rubber, but managed to not hit her. She gave a little wave out her window and kept on driving. So rude, right? But it doesn't end there.

I was coming into town and down a hill, so I pressed down on my brakes to slow down. And pressed down, and down, and down....and still no brakes. Fortunately, my little old Saturn is an automatic so I was able to shift down and pull off onto a side rode and park. Also fortunately, I have AAA that covers tows. However, AAA doesn't cover car repairs. Hubby started looking it over last night and didn't see any brake fluid anywhere and said the brake pads and drums looked fine. He thinks it's something to do with a vacuum or something? I don't know. Something to do with air pressure. Something that's going to cost money to fix!

remember the kittens we picked up off the road?
hubby fell in love with one and she's staying with us.


  1. omg that kitten is so cute!!!

    Yikes sorry your car is giving you trouble!! Hope its a quick fix!

  2. Oh no. What a rude lady! I can't handle people like that on the road. Can you say Road Rage?

    Bobby sounds fantastic. It's so lovely when it all comes together, even if it's short lived.

  3. Gosh, we should compare car troubles.
    Mine is never ending! Hopefully all will be fixed soon though.

    Yay for Bobby! Gotta love being fancy schmancy.
    Cute kitten too! Have you got a name for her yet?

    1. Hubby wants to name her Chairman Meow, but since she is a SHE and that's a horrible name anyway we're calling her Matilda.


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