Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dudes. Got my ride times for Sunday today. Dressage? 12:10. 12:10?! Daaaang. I don't think I've ever had a test start that late. Then it's a long three hour wait until Stadium at 2:56 and xcountry twenty minutes later. Hubby will be happy. He's in a wedding Saturday that doesn't even start until 4:30 and he has to make the three hour drive home from NY that same night. Still, that means we won't be back at the barn until 6:30 at the earliest. Last time we were home around the time I'll be heading out to the xcountry course!

bobby's "this is not a good idea" look.
Wednesday I went on the previously scheduled trail ride. As I was brushing Mr Magee's face (his favorite thing in the whole entire world), I noticed a pink spot on the left side of the corner of his mouth. I poked around a bit and found a tiny sore/rub there. I checked all around the rest of his mouth and didn't find anything else, so I figured it had to be a bit rub. I smeared some Tri-care on it and dug out a pair of clip-on reins from the tack room to hook to my halter. Of course, the first ones I grabbed were pencil-thin and ten feet long. If I wasn't holding them with an iron grip of death in the palm of my hand, they would slide about a foot through my fingers before I could wrestle control back.

We went out and did thirty five minutes of walking and five minutes of trotting. I didn't plan on doing anything crazy, and we didn't--just lots of walking up and down hills. Bobby kept glancing back at me and shooting me the "This is not a good idea, mother" look. He usually gives me this look when I ask him to go down a giant hill, or to cross water or other scary things. It's not a "Fuck you, crazy lady" look. It's more of a "I just want you to know that I disapprove of your decision making skills" look. Sometimes we argue about who the brains of the operation is.

bm's baby beagle taking a siesta.
Today was a jump school. Fences ranged from xrails to a 3' oxer. I warmed him up with the xrails, going across the diagnol each way to get the lead change. I slowly started adding jumps as we went along until we were doing four at a time. Nothing fancy, but every single fence was forward and flowly and there were only one or two "Whoops!" moments.

So. Still feeling good about this weekend. I need to figure out what's going on with his lips though because I found another little rub/sore on his lip on the other side nowhere near where his bit or noseband hits. Maybe the hay is too rough? The new stuff does look a little stemmier than before. Hrm....


  1. OMG BABY BEAGLE!!! Those are the cutest thing ever.

    Noisy as hell, but so freaking cute.

    Bobby looks cute in his halter. :)

  2. Just HAVE to comment on that fly bonnet again. SO CUTE. Makes him look kind of donkey-esque. (I mean that in the nicest, cutest way possible :P).

  3. I feel for ya on the late show start - my ride time is 3:14 pm on Saturday (would much prefer morning). Good luck - have a blast!


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