Saturday, September 15, 2012

Look what I caught!

Hubby and I were driving past the mini farm down the road from his work on the way home from the barn when we saw this little lady running the fence line... on the wrong side of the fence! I made Hubby pull over and grabbed one of the dog's leashes to see if I could capture her. As soon as I stepped out of the truck, she came trotting right over to me and stopped with her head stuffed into my hands. "Help me! I'm not a wild pony!"

I made a halter out of the leash (Ahhh, tiny pony! You so cute!) and Hubby and I set off down the fence line to see if anyone was at the house. No one was there, so we stuck her in the arena where there was some grass for her to munch on until her owners got home. She happily started grazing, even with her (I assume) pasture mate screaming its head off in one of the adjoing pastures. I figured I was better off sticking her in the arena by herself than taking a chance on who she went out with.

The cutest part? This farm! Everything was in miniature--from the fences to the gates to the little trail obstacles in the arena. Gosh, I love tiny ponies.

so. cute.
Robert had a most excellent dressage school in the outdoor this afternoon. We worked on canter lengthenings again both directions. To the right, I started off asking him to lengthen with a poke from my spur. Wrong idea obviously. He instantly swapped behind and I had to bring him back to a trot and try again. After a few times I figured out how to ride and asked him with my calves and seat. He wasn't too keen on coming back, but to the left he was fabulous. I made a point not to ask with any hand and use just my seat. All I had to do was sit deeper coming to the corner and he came right back to me. Such a smart pony face.

He had one minor melt down after switching to the left from cantering to the right. I made him walk for fifteen minutes while he threw a subtle temper tantrum--curling behind the bit, giraffe impressions, drifting into the fence, and various other dramatics that were totally uncalled for. I made him do walk-halt transitions and he threw himself into them nearly yanking the reins out of my hands. I immediately made him back waaay up, and after two times of that he got the hint it was easier to just halt. He was finally going well enough that I asked him to trot, and from there on out he was super fancy. Who's your boss, Robert? Oh, that's right--me!

I do need to think up a game plan on how to make this switch to the left direction easier. At this point we have to restart from step one. Any suggestions?


  1. SQUEEEEE! That mini is TOO CUTE.

    Not really sure what to do about switching to the left....what happens when you ignore his tantrums and work through it?

    1. He gets more and more tense until his brain is fried, ala this spring's episodes.

  2. OMG I need one of those ponies!!!

  3. I would have been so tempted to keep such an adorable pony!

  4. Cute its like a small horsie pig :D

  5. Ohhh!! I wish I could have one to keep my horse company. Just because it is cute.


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