Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lack of Cohesion.

Basically, just a fancy not totally fitting way of saying this post is going to be a lot of random shit. Where shall we start? Hows about with our neighbor's new additions:

horse one.

horse two.
Our neighbors are clearly Mennonites, renting a house with a small barn and small pasture from another Mennonite family. Hubby and I had been hearing a horse neigh all day long, and as we were chilling out on the porch the other night the paint horse was led down the road and back, followed a few minutes later by this Thoroughbred looking horse. I have no clue what they're doing with them. Riding them eventually I assume.

my horse.
Bobby got Monday off. Yesterday I went out with armfuls of newly cleaned crap that had to go back in my locker and tack box and to check his legs. His front legs were a little poofier than usual--something that probably wouldn't even be noticed on another horse because his legs are naturally really tight. However, he does stock up pretty easily and he'd been in his stall for a few hours already. I gave him a good grooming, rubbed some alcohol on his ankles, pulled his bell boots back on in record time, and took him up to graze and walk around a bit.

donkey ears.
also looks like someone needs their neck massaged again.
I picked a spot on the bank and played with my phone while Bobby grazed. I glanced over at him as he wandered farther down and happened to see this fucking monster next to me:

It was spider with a mushroom cap on its back or something, only it was part of its giant spider body!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Naturally I got the fuck out of there and sat down elsewhere only to see this creepy thing next to me:

I hate catepillars. Grazing time is over, Bobby. Sue invited me out on a trail ride with her and BO and since Sue has a young, still kind of green, unfairly adorable horse, I agreed since I knew we wouldn't be doing anything crazy.

sunny: bobby's cute, cuddly, baby horsie counter part in barbie colors.
Sue and I went down to the indoor and did a little work while we waited for BO to get back. Bobby and I only walked, working on some lateral work. We headed out and did a really fun hour and a half ride. A little trotting and a little cantering, but mostly walking. BO showed me a new way to go--or really the rest of the trail that I wasn't sure we were allowed to ride on--and pointed out a few more spots we were allowed to ride. Awesome!

Bobby will have today off, probably an easy dressage ride tomorrow, and then Friday off too. Our next (and final) show isn't until the end of October so no rush. We're finishing off the year at Novice since Burgundy is such an easy course. I thought about also doing Plantation at Novice the next weekend, but between money restraints and confidence restraints (on my part), we're just going to finish there instead.


  1. I'm going to block the spider part from my memory but LOL @ the barbie colors comment!

  2. I now have creepy crawly feelings going on all over my skin.
    Also, that pal is adorable! I want another one someday!


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