Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Cheers for NF!

Bobby got new feet Thursday! And then I got on and rode him right after because he didn't walk off lame! That alone is worth the extra money. So quick NF run down:
  • He had his assistant pull the old shoes and spent a long time mulling over what's left of Bobby's poor feet. He asked if he's on a hoof supplement (he is), how long he's been on it (only four months), and then asked me if I ever watched the Three Stooges as the only way to describe Bobby's feet were "a messterpiece."
  • He decided to do aluminium shoes with clips on the fronts because the nails are smaller. He'll stay in these until his wall grows out enough to hold a steel shoe which "won't be this summer." Steel shoes also with clips on the hinds.
  • He declared Bobby "the only Thoroughbred in this barn that doesn't have a stifle issue." Happy dance! Bobby's stifles have always been his major downfall, but it looks like all the hill work has paid off.
  • He filled everything in with acrylic and sent him on his way. He took twice as long to do him as OF did, but it was because he actually took the time to study his foot instead of just slapping on a pair of new shoes--not even the old ones since they would have undoubtably fallen off by this point.

i gave into the ear net temptation on totd. i thought
this was going to be cream, and not so....buttercup.

We did yet another dressage school when he was done, this time in the outdoor. He was really good for the most part. Good walk and trot work, but at the canter I felt like my stirrups were too long. I put them up a hole and then they felt like they were too short so I lowered them again. Either way, my bum did not want to stay in the saddle. I tried for a flying change, but not even close this time. I ended with one over a little vertical just to "win".

I was going to finish with a little more trot work, but Spyder got let out from getting his toes done and Bobby was all, "Oh my gosh, that is my best friend and he is outside and he is calling out for me and I must go to him nowwwww!!!" To which I replied, "Oh fuck no" and made him pay attention for another fifteen minutes doing hard work to the left.

baby foams.

Today, as promised, was trot set day. We've been doing four five minute trots and two three minute canters with two minute walks, but I decided on a whim to switch it up today. We did two sets of ten minute trot, three minute walk, and six minute canter. It was brutal. Maybe a touch out of our league right now, although to be fair to my trusty steed Bobby recovered a lot better than I did. He did not, for instance, start groaning about how much his calves hurt after the first canter.

headed up the hill to the xcountry field.
He started off a little lethargic and distracted, due mainly to the dozen turkeys that were repeatedly throwing themselves into the boxwire fence we were walking by trying to get to the other side instead of just flying over. Seriously the most retarded animals on the entire planet.

He tried to convince me that he could walk up the big hill or canter up the big hill, but he was in no way capable of trotting up it. Uh huh. I set my hands into his shoulders and kicked him on. He quickly figured out that he could keep hitting himself in the mouth if he wanted to canter, or he could just trot up it pleasantly. He only need one lap to figure that out and the rest of the uphill trots were awesome. He was pushing from behind, his head was down, he had his teeth gritted and was ready to let out a war cry. Or something.

He was a bit of a tool in the canter, switching leads all over the place, usually as we were about to turn a corner and go down a hill where he really needed to be on the correct lead. I don't know if he was tired or unbalanced, or if I was tired or unbalanced and was shifting my own weight and causing him to change, but it was a hot mess. We had to do a couple of circles to regroup and not take a headlong charge on the wrong lead down a big hill. The second set was much better, but he still had two unasked-for changes.

washed out on most horses, for bobby it's just a
normal breastplate sweat on a hot day.
I'm sure we come down the hill looking like we galloped around like lunatics for forty minutes because Bobby is usually white with sweat, but this horse sweats like it's an Olympic sport. I gave him a long hose down to cool him off and he was in his stall alternating between mooching for treats and eating hay in no time.

Jump school tomorrow. Sunday will either be a day off or a trail ride. I'm going to do two light conditioning days next week just to get some more work in on hills, but I haven't figured out which days yet. It's a good thing Bucks has so little terrain or we'd be in serious trouble.


  1. Yay for NF! Glad you found someone you like!
    Lucky you have hills around! I was desperately looking for one to take Shy to to help with her rear end weakness. I found one, but now I need a trailer and a truck. . .lol

  2. Woo NF!!!
    Such a nice surprise when you find a farrier who, you know, does his job properly.
    I think Bobby looks nice in Buttercup!

  3. yay for finally finding a NF that you like! hope it all works out well and he sticks around!

  4. Hills ALWAYS work! I swear! Thank God NF is a success!
    Nothing better than having a trustworthy farrier.


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