Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Things.

New Feet

Fingers crossed, New Farrier is supposed to be out today and Bobby is finally on his list! He only got done three weeks ago so I'm not expecting him to do too much actual work, but his shoes are already a little loose (!) and he's getting hind shoes back on as he's getting a little ouchy behind. I really, really hope New Farrier can help him out....and help him keep his shoes on. NF is more expensive, and hind shoes are going to up the current cost even more, but I'm literally throwing my money away using Old Farrier at this point.

New Rockin' Bod

For me! Well, that's the plan anyway. Hubby is in a wedding in two weeks and my first recognized event is in two weeks, so we're trying to tone up a smidge. I'm not concerned about losing weight (though I certainly wouldn't complain if I did), but I do want to be stronger, especially in my legs and core. I keep reading about other bloggers getting in shape, too. Exciting. Hubby and I are joining the forces.

New Bit

After a few more rides in the Dr Bristol, I decided I wasn't one hundred percent on board with it. I dug through Sarah's locker (love having friends that don't mind you digging through their things!) and in the black hole that routinely eats her things I found this Happy Mouth. I haven't had luck with the Dee sides on most bits with Bobby, and he didn't like the bean thing in the middle of Kidd's loose ring bit, but I'm running out of options so I figured, Why not? I liked it. Bobby seemed to like it. We'll give it another week of rides and see if we both continue to like it.

New Helmet

Is it pretty? Eh.... I wanted a Charles Owen because they fit my dome piece; I wanted a skull cap because I don't like the look of regular hemlets on xcountry (I don't know why) and I can also use this in dressage for now; and I wanted something around $100. So it was in my price range and it will work for the time being.

New Video

Of some of yesterday's ride:


  1. Yay new things, yay getting in shape :D I've been weightlifting for a bit over a month now feels awesome.

  2. Hooray for new things! I am working on getting fit again too (you know, to look nice and not like a blob in a wedding dress), and without riding it's so hard! Luckily, no matter what my legs and core are always really strong (don't ask me how) but jeepers, I have no upper body strength! We have a smart tv which has all these great fitness videos so I can work out and flail around without anyone laughing at me, but you can access the videos online too, just look up "exercisetv" on you tube! I've been getting my butt kicked!

  3. New things are ALWAYS fun. Like Christmas.
    I hope NF can help out.
    And may I say, Bobby looks VERY professional in those white polos.

  4. Yay new things! I always like getting new things, reminds me of presents. Hope the NF can help and that this bit you both manage to keep liking :) xxx

  5. Gosh, he looks like such a lovely smooth ride!
    You guys look awesome!


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