Sunday, August 5, 2012

Les sigh.

I've been in kind of a rut the past few days, frustrated with my own riding and feeling hopeless/helpless with my horse. I feel like I'm not getting anything out of my rides lately and I'm completely stuck in a gross, boring, and mediocre state of poniness. Why are basic concepts so hard for Bobby and I to grasp....and then keep? We're both floundering--the mid-season slump, I guess.

 Friday we did a quick walk ride out on the trails to warm up. Only fifteen minutes instead of the thirty I had planned on because it was really hot and really buggy. Went into the indoor and proceeded to pick a fight with each other over every little thing.

Me: Bobby, walk faster.

Bobby: What? Trot?

Me: No. Just walk.

Bobby: Wait, what? I'm not listening. Did you say halt?

I put up wiht this for about twenty minutes before getting off and "winning" by longing him in side reins and calling that productive enough for the day. It was too hot and we were both too pissy.

so. hot.
Saturday, Hubby got dragged out of bed early so we could be on the xcountry field by 8am to avoid the worst of the predicted 95* weather and one hundred percent humidity. It was still hot as Hades though. I warmed Bobby up over the biggest fences in the upper half of the field and tried not to blow a fuse when he wouldn't listen to me when I asked him to take off from my spot instead of his. Taking off doesn't work when you're buried in the fence, ass.

I had the trakehner in sight as the end goal, but we also made it over the oxer for the first time. He didn't refuse, but dammit if I could get him away from the base of the effing jump.

notice butt ventilation. i added a new hole mounting that morning.
there's my leg....going backwards as we go forwards.
I let him have a long breather after the oxer as we'd been going nonstop for a good forty minutes and he was blowing pretty hard. Then a long run up the hill to the beastly 3' trakehner--Bobby miraculously listened to me and took off from the perfect spot and we sailed over without a hitch. Yay! Unfortunately Hubby didn't get a very good picture of it. I took him over it twice more, which was a mistake as the pony was very tired and he puked a half stride in both times and knocked his feet.

Today we met up with Sarah and Memphis and Blackberry and his lessor Nan. It was a lot of fun riding with them, but I was easily distracted and honestly, I was having more fun just hanging out with them than I knew I would have been jumping.

bobby enjoyed the chilled pace too.
We did do some jumping:

But again we were plagued with the unwanted, unasked for chipped in strides that are starting to make jumping not only not fun, but also dangerous.

i could have murdered him for this, as you can tell from my face.
I know some of it's pace--we need more, more more, but without getting rushed and strung out--and some of it's that Bobby's still green, but some of it really is that he won't listen when I ask him to go. A whip would be handy to back up my spurs, but Bobby strongly protests to whips.

My homework this week:

* Fun, consistent dressage rides.

* Teeny, tiny fences with a whip in hand (gasp!) to work our asses of on correct distances. This was the plan earlier, but loose and lost shoes derailed it pretty quickly.

Monday off because he'll be tired from jumping, and Friday off because Saturday is going to be a long, relaxing trail ride with friends. Only three days off real work, but I'd rather have a happy, fresh horse than a horse drilled to boredom and naughtiness--which is where I feel we are now.

sometimes we're friends.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like I'm in a slump. Hopefully lots of dressage and tiny jumps will help you out.

  2. Wow, I feel exactly the same way with my horse!
    You could try sticking your butt out a bit more? Like, REALLY pushing it out in the air whilst you are over the fence. It kinda feels like you are showing it off to the world! I find it helps when they fit in those silly, unnecessary extra few strides before the jump. It helps you keep your position rather than thrusting you forward.

    Instead of rounding your back and shoulders, open them up to allow the stride to feel more natural and to accommodate for what I call, 'the cat-leap'! Hehe!

    But hey, if you can find something that works, DO IT! Haha. Whatever helps.
    Best of luck!!
    :) :)

  3. Something that may help Bobby - gymnastics. In particular - long ones. Not just a one-stride, but one with a few strides between, toss in a bounce, it may help him learn. One I like goes vertical, 1 stride to bounce, 3 strides to an oxer.

    Enjoy your horse! It's not all about improving :)


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