Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I had a chat with one of the BMs last night and she said her daughter did the same clinic last year and was left feeling totally clueless and as if she hadn't gotten anything out of it. Sound familiar? Glad I'm not the only one. I may or may not have incited an eventing movement amongst fifty percent of the riders in the barn, and hopefully there will be at least three or four people coming with me to try their hands at eventing in the end of October at Burgundy Hollow. It's seems I'm also not the only one not content with BO's "training".

"did you bring the cookies?"

Anyway, on to Robert. BM also reported that Bobby looks forward to going out now instead of hiding in his stall as he was doing when going out with Bennie. I haven't seen any new marks on him since the new arrangement. Yay!

grazing in the rain.
The weather was pretty miserable last night so we were stuck in the indoor doing a dressage school. Bobby started off really nice and soft, but as we went on my reins got longer and we started pulling on each other. Hrm. I think I'm going to try switiching back to the short rubber reins that came with the Micklem and see if they don't help me keep my fingers in place a little better.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at recreating a flying change, I gave up before we both got too flustered and settled for a nice simple change before moving on. We ran through the BN B test twice as that's the one we have to do for our next show. I think I remembered it correctly, but I haven't so much as glanced at it since practicing with Red October of last year. I guess I'd better print it out one of these days.

Disclaimer: Hubby, as always, is keeping himself amused by commentating. Oh, Hubby. Sometimes I get embarassed for you.

I don't like the free walk at all. We're also not as forward as we could be. Is that a suprise? Not at all. I think I'm going to get a bridle nameplate engraved with the word Forward and screw it in to the crown piece. Brilliant, no? Hubby is away overnight for a two-day meeting so no barn until possibly tomorrow evening. Hopefully it will be nice out and we can do some more jumping and outside dressaging.


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  1. He looks great Carly!! Tooie and I have the same forward issue dont worry its not just you!


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