Sunday, August 12, 2012


Nothing like waking up at 3:45 in the morning to make you question your sanity and why on earth you thought going to a show was "fun".


looking semi fancy.

eyes up to avoid collisions.
a good motivator.

Bobby was a tense mess warming up for dressage. The ring is shared with both dressage and stadium riders so it's always mass chaos and we were both gritting our teeth and trying not to get run over. Bobby even spooked (well, a Bobby spook doesn't count on normal horses) when a horse came cantering up behind him on the rail (which we were very, very near to). He had a hard time focusing whenever we went by the warm up jumps and I headed into the arena knowing we were going to produce a pretty sub-par test.

Dressage Test

It looks better than it felt; he was still really tense and heavy in my hands. When we finished, I halted, saluted, gave Bobby a quick pat, and let out a huge breath of air and then the judge and I looked at each other and laughed. She called out "Good girl!" and told me I rode very tactically on an obviously tense horse. We ended up with 6s halfway down the board and 7s for the second half which earned us a 33.5 that tied us for 3rd and got us a yellow ribbon for competitive prancing.


Can I just say that I really hate people who tote their trainers around with them and think they're entitled to take over all the warm up jumps? Hey, I have to warm my horse up too and when I call out a fence before you and am headed directly at it, I don't appreciate having to yank my horse up to avoid you as you cut in front of me because your trainer told you to go ahead and do it. It's called sharing people. Sharing is caring.
baby horse loves to do the jumping at shows.

I had Hubby video the stadium round....and really wish I hadn't. Unfortunately, there's not much to say about it except a) Bobby is a fucking superstar for saving my ass over all the fences and not refusing, running out, or pulling a single rail and b) that was the worst jumping round I have ever done in my whole life.

getting big pats for saving my patootie.

I went in with good intentions. Forward, forward, forward! Bobby was down. Bobby loves the jumping game, especially at shows. So we get to the first fence and I'm like, "Forward!" and Bobby's like, "Okay!" and I'm like, "AHHH! Why are you going forward? Stop, stop, stop!" and Bobby's like, "Okay.....?" And then that's how I rode every single fence. Yuck. Completely writing that one off. We picked up one time penalty thanks to me, but still moved up to 2nd.

Cross Country

Your course walk. Fence 9 was the water.

I have a few complaints about this course. First of all, Hubby and I walked around in circles for awhile trying to find the start box and our first fence. We ended up diving into the woods and working our way back from fence seven. We weren't the only ones because when we finally set out the right way, we ran into a couple people coming from the opposite direction with really confused looks on their faces. Second of all, the footing in the woods was awful. If it wasn't muddy, churned up, and shot through with giant roots, it was straight up gravel. Who sets up jumps on gravel? I mean, really.

We ran into a couple thrills and spills as the first of the training riders went out. One woman fell at the double banks down and I grabbed her snorting horse. She walked over with her air vest deployed and just shook her head and said, "Oh, Diamond." We also saw a couple of stops.

warming up.

Bobby had his dancing feet on when we got over to xcountry warm up. I could feel him start to build himself up and he no longer could stand still. "I iz ready to do the running and the jumpingggg!!!!" Instead of getting discouraged by my deplorable stadium round, I decided to put my Grr Face on and redeem myself.

I put my foot on the gas pedal right out of the start box and while it wasn't any crazy gallop, we were finally cruising right along. When we reached an open stretch (of which there were plenty--what Bucks lacks in terrain they make up for in size and length), I asked for more speed. I didn't yank him back from any of the fences and he jumped every fence out of stride. Amazing how that works. I was a little freaked out by the size of most of these jumps. Bucks is known for a tough course that's usually maxed out--I'd say 80% of this one was max size. 2'7 isn't big until you accept the fact that you're a wimp and it's a solid obstacle instead of an airy stack of rails. I was especially in awe of fence 4--"Ed's Table". This thing was huge, in the woods, and set in the middle of the gravel trail. Coming up to it, I was talking out loud as I'm prone to do. "This thing is a monster. This is a big jump, Bobby." He sailed right over with zero hesitation and upon landing I yelled out, "But you don't even give a fuck!" I heard the jump judge laughing behind me and we were legit rocking and rolling from there on out.

When we walked the course, I had planned on trotting through the water out of the flags before coming through since Bobby hasn't been in water since the beginning of June. However, he was moving at such a good, forward rhythm that I just gave him a little "Hello, pay attention to this" half-halt and he cantered right on through.

giant fucking fence.

Everything was going awesome. I wasn't remotely tired, Bobby wasn't blowing, and we were so in-tune and ripping through fences like they were nothing. Then we got to the second to last fence. Neither Bobby or I could read it at all coming up to it and Bobby managed to get his front foot on the bottom "step" of it. I think he just misjudged how wide it was. Whatever it was, he started to scramble over then thought better of it and slammed on the brakes. I was already jumping it--though I should have been in a much more defense position--and when his head and neck went over the other side of the jump without the back half of his body, I followed it and somersaulted right over.

robert's first cross country fault--that was my fault.

I landed on my head and shoulder, thinking to myself as the ground came rushing up, "I wonder how well those air vests work" and probably gave myself a mild concussion. I feel like absolute light-headed, dizzy hell right now. Oh, well. You're not a real eventer until you've gotten one, right? Bobby looked back at me as he walked around the fence, then mosied on over to Hubby as I assured the jump judge I was fine. What was I supposed to tell him? "Actually, I hit my crotch really hard on the pommel of my saddle when my horse stopped and I think I'm going to go ice my vagina."

Hubby couldn't wait to show me his picture. "I don't mean to laugh, but you give new meaning to ass over tea cups." Thanks, Hubby. Bobby got loads of cookies and scratches back at the trailer. No reason to get mad at the big mule for finally showing a sense of self preservation. We got around all but two of the jumps in the best form yet. I had an awesome cross country ride. It was a little disappointing to find out that we would have won if I hadn't come off. I'll count it as a win anyway. Good boy, Mr Magee!


  1. Ah crap!! Glad to hear you are ok... that picture is a good one though!

    Awesome job on the rest of the event.

  2. Bummer!!! But yay that overall it was awesome!

  3. Jesus! Glad to hear you survived the fall with just a sore crotch. (Although.. OUCH!)

    Congrats on the rest of the event, though!

  4. Some of those jumps look a little scary! You both did amazingly by the sounds of it. Hope you're okay!!

  5. You win in my book! Glad you are okay :)

    Also, glad that fence hogging happens in 3Day/Eventing world like it does in H/J land lol.

  6. You are a funny writer! I will say, I think it's balls cool that you are OUT there doing it AND you have a horse that has a brain! :) He could have made a worse mistake by trying to jump without legs and then what??eeeks, so count that topple over as a welcome fall without Bobby following. BIG kudos on your marks, that is way more important than one fail. I know it doesn't work like that, but still, WAY more positives than one negative and really that negative, wasn't too terrible in the scheme of things. PS People w/ trainers with no manners-wtf. Gag.

  7. Huzzah Bobby for learning self preservation!!!

    Now Carly can learn some too, and then you'll really be rocking!

  8. You make me laugh soooo hard! The way you describe it all, is so hilarious! Better to laugh about it than sit down on the course and cry, right?


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