Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A lot of walking.

Really nothing all that exciting to update on.... again. Monday I strapped on Bobby's boots and dragged him to the indoor for thirty minutes of walking. Deja vu, anyone? Nothing like watching a full day of Olympic cross country to make you want to go walk around an indoor for a ride. I did lots of real work riding at least, as previous walk-only rides have given me plenty of exercises.  You should see this horse bend and counter-bend back and forth by the time we're done. It's like buttah.

Bobby does, I think, read my blog. I was whining about how I wish his trot work was more consistent and just, well, better and when I asked him if he wanted to try a trot with his boots on, he sprang right into it and actually did something a little strange. He used his..... neck! That long, dinosaur-like appendage that likes to pretend it's working, but really it's just his head that's tucked in. Well folks, yesterday he bent that baby from his shoulders and actually put it to work and his trot was faaaabulous.

i tried to get video but i only stayed in the frame for about 2secs.
I was honestly a little giddy. We only trotted for five minutes at the end of our thirty minutes of walking, and I was inclined to write it off as him just trying to watch what his clunkyily clad feet were doing than any real submission.

Yesterday I went out with a mission: stay at the barn until the farrier got there and be that crazy owner that watches his every move and makes obnoxious comments on her horse's feet while he's working. New Farrier could not make it out which kind of makes me angry. Ohh, well. I had awhile to wait so I amused myself in other ways.

I saw Sue for the first time since she had to put Gabby down and I helped her clean out her locker. We agreed that it's not technically "hoarding" when you're a horse person--it's just saving things for another horse! And since she already has another horse, there was really no need to throw anything away. Such good logic. I'm a good helper.

sue and gabby last summer.
With that done, and still no sign of the farrier, I decided to ride Trip. Remember Trip? Trip ended up getting a lot of time off because of his back which is exactly what he needed. He's started to fill out a little bit and while still lean, he no longer looks like a tucked up racehorse. He stood nicely in the crossties while I pulled his mane and then didn't try to bite, kick, or grind his teeth while I tacked him up.

He'd been ridden a few times by one of the advanced girls a couple weeks ago, but had pretty much been sitting since then. I led him around the indoor once and then jumped on. He didn't even snort the whole time. He looked around, but was totally cool and ready to go to work. I love Thoroughbreds.

I did a long walk warm up because his back is still a little tight, then worked on transistions with his trot. He needs his teeth done still so he's kind of fussy with the bit, but someone trained him really, really well to listen to seat aids and I had to be careful my half halts weren't too strong or he'd come right back to the walk. Cantered each direction with no problems and called it quits after thirty five minutes. Still a fun horse, still pretty fancy, and I still like him, but I think I've gotten too used to the big galump of Mr Magee at this point.

"i am so adorable."
I bemoaned my horse's lack of shoes with another boarder whose mare had pulled her shoe off that morning while we waited for the farrier together. He finally showed up and I told him, "Don't take a single centimeter off of his feet. Just put the shoes back on and rasp down the rough edges." His feet are so effing small as it is, he can't be getting a full trim every four weeks and be expected to grow anything. So the nippers didn't come out once and, for princess feet that still need a lot of growing to do, they looked fine to me.

He was, unfortunately, still kind of tender so I only walked him again....except for the one lap of trot I snuck in to see if his neck still knew it had a part to play. Heck yes it did. He's getting today off because Thursday I have a lesson with BO and I want him to feel funky fresh going into it. Ideally I would have liked to lesson the week of my show, but next week is the last camp week and I know from previous experience that BO is pretty much useless when camp is going on. "I want you to teach my how to do stretchy trot." "Ok, let's canter the whole lesson." Really? Really.


  1. A good walk warm up is the key to my boy too. If you give him 15-20 minutes of slow careful walking with bending, changes of direction, etc. He is soooo much more willing to take the contact and use himself as we move on with our rides. It makes for a boring start to each ride, but is really the key to my guy.

  2. Sore with shoes on? Weird, I haven't had that. Nothing like these Princess TBs, is there?

    1. It seems when you start out with crumbly, tiny, super sore feet and then hammer nails into them, it does not make a happy horse. Dang.

  3. Hopefully his feet will improve. Do you put anything on them? Houston has good feet but because I am paranoid I use Keratex and then will apply Rain Maker before hosing him off or sometimes before a ride because my trainer said it could help reduce the wear the sand in the arena has on feet. The ground here has been brutal to all of the horses feet.

    I can totally relate to being that obnoxious owner with the farrier but I mostly annoy mine with questions.


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