Monday, May 28, 2012

The Weekend

Hmm. What did I even do Saturday? Heat stroke is starting to set in and fry my brain cells. Pretty sure I did a w/t ride in the indoor which must have been pretty uneventful since I don't really remember it. I dragged Hubby out with me both Sunday and today so I have photographic and video evidence that I did do something.

I do really appreciate Hubby coming out, especially when it's so hot and muggy out and there are far more fun things to be doing, but my over-controlling self would like him to stand in an optimum spot inside the arena to take pictures. And not get distracted by silly things. As it was, Saturday he parked it halfway up teh bleachers when I was in the outdoor and most of the pictures were over-zoomed and fuzzy or too far away. But they are pictures so I can't complain...too much!

we took lots of breaks. it was soo hot.
Saturday's ride, Mr Magee was much too hot and he didn't want to go forward at all. Plus, he's never particularly good in the outdoor unless he's jumping. I picked up a dressage whip for the first few minutes of the ride because I didn't have my spurs on and while it did get him to step out a bit more, he also instantly tensed up and I ended up dropping it not long into trot work.

The major things I see I need to work on:

1) Pull my awful shoulders back.

2) Keep my awful heels down. There are more parts of my leg that can both get Bobby moving more forward and bending than my damn heels and ankles.

3) Pick up my awful hands. What are they doing floating about down there?!

I gave into temptation and popped him over the tire jump. The first time, he was poking along and I basically had to lift him up and over the stupid jump, but he woke up and cantered back around to it to jump like a normal horse.

"whaaa? where did this come from?"

first canter in 3 weeks!

oh, so you can pick your feet up.

Today, Hubby had to work half a day so we didn't go up until 2:30 in the afternoon and it was hot. Mid-nineties and disgustingly muggy. Fortunately, no one was around so we had the indoor to ourselves. Not as much of a breeze, but at least it was shady.

I made a point to keep telling myself to open my chest, which is what my dressage coach in college always preached to me (really, I have no idea!), in hopes that I could improve my slouchy shoulders. I see--and felt--an improvement from yesterday, but still a long way to go. I also tried to keep my hands up more, but I think I'm going to have to really exaggerate this so they're kind of sort of where they're supposed to be. I forgot to put my spurs on, but I still tried to keep my heel not so busy.

As far as Bobby goes, he's clearly nothing fancy right now, but (buuuut....what's with all the buts?) he's relaxed and obedient and he has some moments of looking like a good pony. Note the fabulous halt down the centerline. We got an 8 on our halt on our last dressage test. At least the big donkey can do something well! For a BN dressage test anyway.

cooling off.
I'm hoping Bobby's fitness baseline is enough to carry us through Plantation since we haven't done more than twenty minute rides for the past four days after having almost no work since Burgundy Hollow the first weekend of May. It's been so hot and humid, I don't even want to push it, but (!) I think I'll try to go out on some trails this week. Even if we're not out for long, at least they're hills. I'll see how he handles doing the whole BN stadium and xcountry course this Sunday for our schooling at BH and ramp things up or keeping plugging along until next weekend.


  1. You guys look great. Glad you've been having good ride on him!

  2. The heat in PA is so gross right now.

    ps. the horse I was recently blogging about (that I adore) is by the same sire as Bobby! Here's his pedigree:

    1. ...only slightly more successful as a racehorse! Very cool!!

  3. Ooo tire jump. Never done one of those but I have a feeling I should!


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