Friday, May 11, 2012


I got in my seven minutes of jump saddle two point yesterday during my forty minute ride, but it was a push to do that as thirty five minutes of my ride was spent at the walk. Fascinating, right? Mr Magee was off at the trot to the right. Not head-bobbing lame, not "Ouch, this hurts! I want to stop." lame, just...not quite right. He was tripping a lot and the girl I was riding with said he just looked sore. Hmph. So since he felt completely fine at the walk, walk we did. I focused exclusively on long and low and a big, forward walk and he was actually pretty fab. He even got some nice bending to go with his long and low. I checked him over when I got done and didn't find anything amiss.

for lack of pony pictures, here's a large chicken egg v. a goose egg.
Today, I trotted him after just a few minutes of walk to see if he was still off. He was. So another walk ride, this one only twenty minutes. I actually had a lot of fun this ride. We were in the outdoor so we played with some of the trail exercises that were set up: our first time riding over the bridge, a skinny "chute" to walk through, cones, and some poles I practiced making him halt after each step and then backing up over. I also played around with going from long and low to more collected with his neck up and his nose tucked in. He's not a hundred percent confirmed in that transition yet, but he wasn't getting fussy and he was trying hard. I also dropped my stirrups to practice our halts since I tend to brace against them and our halts get sloppy. He was awesome for the halts and we ended on a really good note.

If nothing else, this relaxed work schedule is making us friends. He seems to genuinely be enjoying himself and I like not having to fight with his punk ass. Plus, and only you fellow crazy horse people will nod your heads in agreement, Bobby has gained a little bit of confidence in himself since the show like he knows he rocked it and we hold him in higher esteem. He just seems happier to be worked because he thinks he's an important Grown Up Horsie now.

i tried to take a picture of how great his neck is looking.
I looked him over again to see if I couldn't find some strange and out of place lump or bump or heat, but he looks fine. Except:

Clearly his toes are overdue! He was actually due to get done the Tuesday (our farrier comes out every Tuesday) before the show, but I didn't want new shoes slapped on the week of a show so the farrier just tightened the nails. The next day, he half pulled a shoe off and the farrier was out to tack it back on. He was then supposed to get done this Tuesday, but I forgot to put his name on the board and the farrier will only do horses if he has the owner's permission. So I made sure to write his name up there this afternoon to get done this upcoming week.

He's also getting his massage tomorrow at 10am. I'm curious to see if Massage Lady finds any problem spots outside of what I already know--his pelvis not getting adjusted right from Chiro Lady, his sore back from being a tense mess, and his old neck injury. Ohh, High Maintanence Pony. Why can't you be more like Red?

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  1. Oh keep us posted as to how the massage went and if he's feeling better!

    I want a massage! lol


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