Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poor Robert!

Bobby did not have a very good day yesterday. I went out all geared up for a fun, easy ride expecting him to feel great after his massage and his new feet. Instead, I walked into the barn and BM greeted me with, "Your horse is dead lame. He could barely walk into his stall." My first question was whether he'd gotten his feet done Tuesday or not. Nope. The farrier wouldn't be there until 6:30 last night. Argh.

I grab some cookies and go to see him. I opened the stall door and immediately see a giant gash just in front of his right flank. No questions where it's from; I know where it's from--Memphis. He beats up on every single one of the horses out there. Every day Bobby comes in with a new mark somewhere on him. I've complained to every single person with some semblance of responsibilites in the barn, and still nothing has been done. Maybe now that Bobby is sporting a huge bite mark on him, some turnout changes can be made. Bobby's not smart enough to walk away when someone picks on him, and he certainly won't try to fight back. I scrubbed it with some iodine then sprayed it with Blue Kote before I even looked at his feet.

Back in the stall, I asked him to step over so he wasn't crowding the wall and he just looked back at me with a sad Bobby face. That's when I notice he's not putting any weight on his LF. I pick it up and his shoe is barely hanging on and one of the nails is half out, assumably poking him painfully. No problem. I'll just yank the shoe since the farrier will be there that evening. Of course, this quickly turns into the pulling comb situation where all farrier tools except for dozens of rasps have magically gone missing just when I need them. BM and I tear down the barn and we can't even find a pair of friggin' vice grips to at least get the nail out. But guess what I did find? A pulling comb. Haaaahaha. Ha. It would have been funny if I wasn't pissed.

So for lack of farrier tools and regular tools, I wield the newly discovered pulling comb and get to work on Bobby's mane. In case a nail digging into his foot and a stinging bite mark wasn't fun enough....

Finally, one of the barn workers comes in and he has vice grips. I hold up Bobby's foot while the worker braces himself and tries to yank the nail out without twisting it around. Bobby was a good boy, craning his head around to watch the proceedings without attempting to bite either one of us. The stupid thing finally came out and while still not totally comfortable, he put weight on it and started eating his hay.

I had to leave before the farrier got there because I'd left the dogs tied out under beautiful blue skies and it had started to pour out at the barn. We usually don't get the same weather at our house as the barn, but I didn't want to risk my poor puppies melting in the rain. They both have huge trees to chill under while they're out there, but still. I got home and it wasn't even sprinkling, and Hubby had gotten home by that point anyway so it didn't matter.

"but everyone else is doing fun things! why do i just have to stand around?"
I got a message from BO late last night saying that the farrier had found an abscess in the LF. As much as that sucks, it does make sense. I stopped by the grocery store on my way to the barn and grabbed some diapers and a new bag of epsom salts since I have about a cup left of my old stuff. I was expecting to see shapely hooves and perhaps a hole or some sort of indication of the farrier doing....something....but there was nothing.

His shoes had been yanked and that was it. He didn't even get trimmed! I. was. pissed. I get the pulled shoes--no problems there. I can understand him not digging if he thought the abscess was too deep. But why the hell did he not trim his feet? He's three weeks overdue at this point! Grrrr. Supposedly the other barn farrier is coming out tomorrow so he's going to do a trim and a little digging if he thinks he should.

I soaked his hoof in epsom salts for twenty minutes and did some massage work on him while we were waiting.

I've always wrapped abscesses with an epsom salt paste polutice messy mix, but BM said to use icthamol so I gave it a try. Opinions on which is better? Slapped the diaper on and used fancy vet wrap since I couldn't find my duct tape.

"really? are we done with the pictures now?"
I gave him half a gram of bute chased with a healthy dose of probiotics with his dinner. I felt so bad for him. Even the short trip from his stall to the wash stall made him Gimpy Magee. Hopefully this doesn't take too long to resolve. Mr Pony Face is making me feel like a horrible mother.

In better news, I talked with BM again about Memphis in turnout. She figured out a new rotation and said she'd see what she could do to make it work. It sounds promising, so hopefully no more giant bite marks!


  1. Poor Bobby. That is a genuinely crappy day.

  2. Poor Bobby! It must be abscess season :( A few horses at our barn have come up lame with them. Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Worst time when your boy is hurting and you've done all you can do :(
    On a side note: yay for packed diapers!

  4. Poor Boy! I hope that a farrier will get out and help him! Sounds like you have been a good mommy and taken care of him well. :) Maybe a bubble suit is in order?! lol


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