Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Camera!

So I indulged and bought a new digital camera on the sole credit card we have. A camera under my care usually last eight to twelve months at the most, so the fact that my little Olympus lasted a full two years is pretty amazing. However, the screen on it was shot, it didn't like to turn on or off,  and the lens cover thingy never opened all the way on its own. This my new one, only in blue. It's fun to play with, and it's very obedient to my wishes. I brought it to the barn today to test it out.

trip and bobby bothered by the bugs

smartest ponies ever?
maybe not.
I brought him in a little early so he'd eaten his dinner and had time to settle by the time the other horses were coming in and going out. He loves being BFFs with other horses and we had to stop to say hello to Kidd on our way out. Kidd loves other horses too and was happy to slobber all over Bobby's face when he stopped by for his visit.

love nibbles. bobby was covered in hay slime when they were done.
I finally, finally had a nice ride on Bobby without outside help! I went through several of the warm up exercises BO had given us and made sure to give him lots of praise and take lots of breaks. I think the breaks are my biggest downfall--why does he need to trot in circles for twenty minutes?! I'd get pissed too! Trails are for fitness work, the arena is for obedience and happiness work. A dressage test is only 3-5 minutes after all.

I worked on posting"low and slow" (BO's tip) when Bobby started rushing at the trot which is way harder than it sounds. But it does work, so it's something for me to keep working on. I also made sure to pick up the canter from random spots instead of in corners. To the left, I picked it up as I headed onto a circle from E, and to the right I picked it up at X again. Both times from the walk and both times he was pretty friggin' calm. He got the wrong lead behind to the right, but with a little poking from my spur he swapped over and carried on.

We finished with a little hack (only ten minutes) down the trail, but it was all in half seat! Even down the hills! Which terrifies me! So yay! I did do a lot of two point work during our arena ride too, but I realized once I was mounted and walking along standing in my stirrups that a) I don't have a watch, and b) there's no clock to be seen in there! So I plan on picking up a cheapie watch tomorrow so I can set a baseline.

Mr Magee got sprayed down and taken out for some grass to dry when we were done.


silliest ears ever.


I dropped the lead as I went to close the gate to the arena since he was nibbling on grass along the fence line, and Bobby decided that would be a good time to take himself back to the barn. Only he got distracted along the way....

he found love in a hopeless place....
And finally, we're having some crazy cool weather here tonight, topped off by a double rainbow.

just before the thunderstorm hit.

and just after, taken from off our porch.
nice fricking house, huh?


  1. Awesome you got a new camera :) Glad you had a good ride. The two-point riding sounds impressive.

  2. Most barns are curiously lacking in timing struments. I suspect it's because none of us really wants to know how long we're there.

  3. Ha! I swear OTTB's love Paints! Awesome pic at the end, so pretty and yay for a good ride w/ Bobby!


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