Friday, May 25, 2012

Knock on wood.

back under tack!
Hopefully I won't jinx anything this time and my naughty horse will still have all his shoes on properly tomorrow. He survived the night with bell boots intact and was ready to go this morning. I rode him for fifteen minutes at the walk and five minutes at the trot. Aaaand....he was sound! (Knock on wood.)

Sunday will mark three weeks since he last got ridden for more than just a short walk or w/t trot and he hasn't put a foot wrong yet. For a 7yo. OTTB with a propensity for throwing massive temper tantrums, he hasn't even needed to go on the longe. In fact, he's been more relaxed these past two rides than he's ever been. We just picked up right where we left off with the bonus of having massage work done. Long and low? No problem. Come up a little more? Fine. Steady rhythm? Check.

I really think he had a huge mental turn around after the show. He seems so much more confident in himself and willing to go to work. He actually lets out his shrill princess whinny when I walk into the barn now which he's never done. He is, after all, an event horse now and event horses have to be a little cocky. Just ask him.

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