Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ok, before we get into the excitement of a sound horse doing more than walking around in circles, I have to tell you all a funny story. BM has a big Aussie who is the dopiest dog on the planet. He's in love with Darcy and Emily though and he always gets so excited when they come to the barn with me. However, the girls have been on probation for the past week (imposed by me) for being very naughty the last time I brought them. Anyway, BM was talking to me while I was tacking Bobby up and Burton ambled in for some pets. BM asked him where his girlfriends were and he came hopping over to me barking. I had to tell him they weren't in the car so he wouldn't get to see them so he ran over to the phone on the wall, jumped up so his front feet were on either side of it, and barked at us. "Let's call the girls!" BM and I were hysterical. He must have made the connection that when the phone gets used, BO comes down with her dog = dogs appear! Poor Burtie. He's mentally challenged in such a smart way.

nom nom.
I was amazed to see that Bobby still had both his hoof boot and his bell boot on this morning, less a giant chunk where he tried to eat it off his foot. I tossed that one and found another one in BO's giant box of old bell boots that she gave me free range on. We'll see if this one lasts more than a day.

I took Bobby out to the outdoor since there was a lesson in the indoor and he was feeling awesome. I let him dictate what we wanted to do and he was totally go go go today. I warmed him up at the w/t/c for thirty minutes, then decided to test the hoof boot and pop him over a few jumps. The tire jump was at 2'3, the gate was at 2'6, and there was a 2' three stride vertical line.

Bobby beasted that shit. I didn't have to add any leg at all which was kind of nice because I could point him in the general direction of a fence and spend the time trying to fix my own position instead of worry about what he was doing. He did have one stop the first time I brought him to the line, but it was complete rider error. Apparently one of us is smart enough that when you get turned too soon and are face-to-face with the standard instead of the pole, you should probably press the abort button. Whoops. Sorry dude. Other than that, he was fabulous. We finished off with the gate which was set at angle off the rail and he killed it. So perfect. "I iz your Important Event Horsie and I iz jumping all the jumps!"

"i will be getting a cookie for this, right?"
The farrier that put his shoe on last week will be out tomorrow and after a talk with BO, I think I'm just going to switch to him permanately. He does a lot of corrective shoeing, and while Bobby doesn't necessarily need corrective work, he does need more than four plain shoes slapped on to fall off once (or twice) a week. He'll get clips on the front tomorrow and next time he's due he'll get quarter clips on the back too. Hopefully that will do the trick.


  1. Good luck with the new farrier. Hope things go better. This lost shoe business is for the birds.

  2. good luck with the new farrier sounds like you might have found a keeper there

    glad that your jumping again and that it went well x

  3. Sounds like a fun fun ride. Poor dog misses his ladies tho.


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