Saturday, May 19, 2012

Come on already!

I went out this morning with fingers crossed that the stupid abscess had popped overnight, but no such luck. However, it's definitely starting to move down because after soaking, there was a squishy pocket where the nail had twisted in and he was very ouchie there. He was walking better all around though, so I went crazy with Gorilla Tape, dug out his fly mask for the 85* weather, and tossed the poor pony out. He was quite sensible and walked up the hill, but he did not want to come back in this afternoon.

"my fly mask means i get to play outside,
so why do i still have to stand in this tub?!"
I really, really thought walking around outside would make the stupid thing open. But no. There's a teeny, tiny crack on the spot and I think I could pretty easily open it up, but just poking it with my finger made him go up on the crossties. Grrrrrrrr. It better be open tomorrow!

sporting giraffe print vet wrap this time around.
I decided to ride Spyder while I was out, but now I wish I didn't. He was awful. It was like riding a two year old. I had no steering, minimum brakes, and negative zero attention span. We were up in the outdoor and my first ten minutes of riding consisted of yank-tug-yank-kick-tug-tug. He literally walked over the mounting block and fell on his face, and I let him hoping it would wake him up to where the fuck his feet were. Nope. I figured I'd let him do a few laps of canter to see if it got some sillies out, but I quickly put a stop to that when he started careening around the arena with no steering whatsoever. So I stuck him in the roundpen.

I finished off riding him with a little w/t in the roundpen and called it quits. It was too hot to make a big deal about it. I was pretty disappointed though. I started riding him not long after he came to the barn from the track and he was way better back then than he was today after being used in lessons. Sad face.

Fingers crossed Robert's damn foot starts pussing tomorrow!


  1. Hooves crossed for an abscess pop!

  2. I am sorry to hear Robert has the abscess-I am sending good healing vibes your way and Roberts way...


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