Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Case of the missing pulling combs.

Two posts in one day? If that doesn't make up for a not particularly absent absence, I don't know what will!

Today, all I did was longe for thirty minutes and do a little in-hand work. He's not super fond of the footing in the outdoor, especially since it needs to be dragged, so he was a little less enthusiastic than yesterday in the indoor, but he was striding out well. His jaw was mucho tight to start off with and I didn't quit with him until he softened it up.

waiting patiently at the end of the line for me to tell him he can come in.
He went through the same exercises in the outdoor as yesterday--little X, cones and pole, and bridge--and minus one bobble through the cones and pole, marched around like, "Whatevs, mother. This is not rocket science."

I called it quits and headed to the barn with the intention to pull his mane. I had actually planned on doing that last weekend, but I couldn't find my pulling comb in my grooming box, so I just pushed it aside. Well, since his show is this weekend, I wanted to give it time to de-frazzle a bit so I dug in my locker to see if I could find it. Nope. In my tack box? Nope. Did BO have one in her locker? Nope. In the school horse grooming box? Nope.

So I asked one of the boarders if she had one I could borrow. "Sure! Let me grab it!" >Insert digging through her locker for five minutes here.< "I can't find it! I know I have at least two!"

BM steps in. "I know my daughter has one. I just saw it at the show last weekend." >Insert digging through her daughter's locker for five minutes here.< "Hmm, I can't find it."

The boarder was like, "Well, I think I can find one in the carriage house." >Insert both of us opening drawers and lockers to no avail.< WTF, pulling combs? Where have you gone?! At least they're cheap, as I'll now be buying handfuls and placing them strategically around the barn....

Also! (Do you like how I always seem to end posts with some random shit that no one really cares about? Well, you will care about this. Because I told you to.) Aimee over at We All Love Cuna! has proclaimed a challenge. Read about it yourselves, but also do it. I will be taking BO's words of advice and doing my two point in my dressage saddle as too many summers of galloping have given me the "It's like riding a bicycle! You never forget!" muscle memory with short stirrups. But damn it if my legs don't like to go all hibbally-bibbally with longer stirrups. I'll time myself for a starting point tomorrow, but like Aimee, I get bored/distracted of this game really quickly so it might not be an accurate number. I will try though!  So go do work.


  1. Did you train him to stand at the end of the lunge line like that?
    I really need to teach that to Ritchie, whenever he slows down to a walk he thinks it finishing time :)

  2. I am the one stealing pulling combs at our barn. Every time I see one, I just assume it's mine and take it. No one has complained yet because I'm the one that pulls all the manes.


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