Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pony is a four letter word.

There's me! Riding a Pony! Sarah wanted someone to ride with on Friday while she tack walked Memphis so BO told me that Dreamer needed to get out. I think she makes 14 hands, but if she does, it's barely. My stirrups were jacked up as high as they go and my leg was still dangling off of her. And she is wide.

I realized how awful my core is when I could barely keep myself upright on her tiny self. My legs are manly, but my core is weak. Plus, I was giggling so hard the entire ride, I wasn't much use to her. But she did get out, w/t/c each way and we popped over a couple verticals.

She went through the line I had set up for Bobby. It was a long one stride for him, so I figured she'd easily make it a short two stride. Oh, no. She took that one stride like her Pony self owned the place, landed bucking and nearly had me off. But I still couldn't help giggling. It's a PONY!

I cleaned her up when I was done. I'm a little OCD about horse tidiness. Manes should be pulled, tails banged, and there should be a clear bridle path. I did what I could for her whiskers with a pair of scissors, but the main battle was that hair! Someone had whacked it off in a straight bowl cut with scissors. It was awful! She looked extra Pony cute by the time I stuck her outside for the night.

Friday, Robert and I did another long dressage school. Ran through a few tests, worked on getting the left lead, worked on a prompt transistion from the canter to the trot, then the canter to the walk, and finished up with a long, stretchy walk.

Yesterday, he had the day off as Hubby and I went on a tour with the PA Farm Bureau. We got to tour a milk and icecream plant (and yes, we did get free icecream!), a dairy farm with a robotic milker, and a soybean feed mill plant thingy owned by our neighbors. They make feed and soybean oil there.

Today, I rode in the indoor during a lesson with Jill on Spyder and Kim on Jade (Still here, folks...). Spyder is adorable and went great the whole time, and Kim has been riding Jade pretty regularly. She is looking great. Kim is doing an awesome job with her. She's going in a little frame at the trot, her canter to the left is pretty, and after a thorough schooling with a dressage whip, her canter to the right is equally as nice. She was jumping things left and right with her usual crazy town aplomb.

Robert took the whole hour to warm up and get in gear. We trotted some poles, cantered some poles,  did lots of trot work, lots of walking, and some cantering each way. It was one of those times where I think if he'd had his martingale on, he would have been better. He just wasn't with it today. However, by the end, he did some kick ass trot work. Long and low and loose and swinging. He'd get a little strung out and start to rush, but a few half halts and he was back to work. We ended indoor work there.

jade led the whole way!

Jill and Kim decided to go for a quick hack to finish off and I tagged along. Spyder has been out once before, but Jade has never been out. Bobby ponies so if anyone started getting too nervous, we could at least make ourselves useful.

All three was great! Jade was our trail blazer, powering up and down hills like she'd been doing it forever, cutting through the woods, walking through a puddle, and walking calmly the whole length of a big open field. She had one baby spook at an old round bale in a hedgerow, but all she did was snort and shift sideways quickly. Then she walked on like, "Whoops. False alarm. Carry on." Someone needs to buy her for an event horse.....

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  1. beautiful pictures...glad you had good weather to ride..


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