Thursday, March 1, 2012

Piddley dink.

Piddley dink is what we did in our ride today. We piddley dinked around. Sure, we did some real work, but Bobby was feeling fresh after his two days off and there were so many funs things to focus on that had nothing to do with me that I spent most of the ride trying to keep his head straight and he spent most of it watching his surroundings. Oh, Baby Horsie. At least he wasn't freaking out. Small win!

"oh, hai!"
To take a small deviation from chronological order, when I went to get on him, he reached back to bite me! I smacked him good right in the jaw for that bit of nastiness. I know he was feeling freaky fresh, but there is no reason for bad manners! However, I went to see how I was doing on SmartPaks since they seem to think I should reorder every week and I know I just got the last shipment, and what do I find in his box? Three tubes of GastroGard. And that's it.

FIRST of all, there should be one tube of GG left as he should be finishing up his half a tube a day routine on Saturday morning. Second of all, I marked on the calendar when he was going to start the new SmartPak as I switched his hoof supplement to something new and I wanted to see if the farrier noticed any difference. He should have started the new ones this past Saturday. So I unpacked his full, unopened box of SmartPaks that was sitting right on the shelf where BM put it when it came in (I get his SPs shipped directly to the barn, but that's going to change now.), dumped a well in for his PM feed, and wrote a huge note on the board that he had to get the a dose of GG when he came back in and that there were now SPs in his box.

I was kind of pisssed. GG is expensive as Hades and there's no point in just randomly dosing him with the stuff whenever weekdays BM remembers it. If that was the case, I would have made a point to go out every day for two weeks and give it to him myself. Which I really shouldn't have had to worry about since he should have just been getting it with his SPs every morning! Grr.

And, in case anyone was wondering, the woman from the other barn by my house never called back. I called four days in a row and left two messages. I guess that was her way of saying she didn't have room?

notice the bite marks on his neck and butt. thanks, memphis.
Anyway, I applaud you if you actually read all of that. I'll try to keep the rest short and sweet.

I forgot there was a later lesson on Thursdays so I got stuck riding with during the last half of one withe three older women and BO on her horse. It was controlled chaos and Bobby had amused himself by watching every single horse go around the ring instead of paying attention to things I was asking him to do. Also, there's a horse in quarantine in the pen behind the arena, so that elicited a lot of gazing as well. He was quick to move off my leg though and his trot-halt-trots were really good.

Unfortunately, we had to warm up and spend a long time to the left, and the left is Bobby's bad direction so there wasn't much hope of doing anything too productive until the others left the arena. When they did leave, he had to gaze longingly after them. We finally settled into a good rhythm, and I'm actually going to dare to say the word "frame"--all his energy was really working wonders for his overall way of going.

We started to run through the BN B test when Hubby pulled in for a quick hello, on his way back to work after a meeting with a customer in the area. That, of course, derailed both of us as Bobby wanted cookies and I stopped to talk with him for a little bit.

putting hubby to work. "take out picture!"

i swear i have other clothes, guys. i don't know why i'm always
wearing this one shirt in pretty much all of my last posts.
Hubby left, but then I wasn't paying much attention and our run through the BN A test was a complete disaster due to my poor riding. I finally kicked both of our asses back into gear, ran through the BN A test once more with decent results, and finished by spending a little time working on our trot-canter transitions to the left.

Piddlely dinking for sure, but some good work tossed in there. I'm going to try to get there early tomorrow so I can talk to BM about his supplements and how he needs to get them.

i really need to do something about getting his mane to stay to
one side of his neck.

OH! And remember how I said I was going to find the Camry commercial with the horse impersonations? Probably not, but I found it anyway!


  1. Hey, if u figure how to get Bobby's mane to stay to one side, u let me know. Damn cowlicks and double thick mane....Laz's is OOC.

  2. I'm new to reading your blog. Rigsby gets 2 different kinds of feed, plus a supplement; soaked in Aloe Vera juice. How I made it easier for my BO to not fail, was I premeasured all his feedings into individual tupperware containers so she just needs to grab a container and everything is in there (minus the AJ, which has to stay in the barn fridge. If his supplements dont have to be refridgerated, I'd recommend this. Of course, I just started reading your blog and I'm only at Feb of this year, so I hope you get the situation sorted out!


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