Monday, March 26, 2012

Listen to your horse

flirting with tasha.

I was a bad horse mom today and an irresponsible rider. Bobby was really good for his w/t warm up. He still gets stuck leaning against me to the left so I kept letting him walk and stretch out after he got it for a full circle. Lots of walk breaks in general as I don't want to make him sore as he starts building up new muscle.

I set out four 5' trot poles and three 12' canter poles for us to work on during warm up.

I really want Bobby to start stretching out his enormous body. He has no idea his legs are a million miles long and he can extend them. Red hit 16hh on a good day and he had a massive stride that came to him really easily. Bobby's like, "Whaaaat? Use my legs? But why?"

Today's big lesson on the flat for Bobby was to go forward without rushing, and my lesson was to keep my G.D. hands UP and my heels DOWN. My heels can sink to the ground with the best hunt seat riders out there, but they much prefer to float around wherever they choose. Bad heels! Stay down there! Bobby had to get a few hard half halts since he was feeling fresh to death thanks to the colder weather, and my bum knee was hurting like hell so we must have been doing some things right.

Next on the agenda was another attempt at a bounce. I used the canter poles and set up the last pole to a 2' vertical. He jumped through it great the two times through so I set up the second jump to a 2' vertical too. Here's where me being a dumb ass comes into play.

For whatever reason--I'm a blonde, my brain was shut off, I just had a straight up duh moment--I failed to make the connection that Bobby had to go in a bigger canter to get over the ground poles easily and correctly. So what did I do coming up to the two vertical bounce? Slow him right down to a dinky little canter that wasn't forward in the slightest. And then get mad at him and yank him back down to his piddly little canter when he lengthened out on his own to get our asses over without so much as brushing a rail or even considering stopping or running out. Poor dude. He really shouldn't have to put up with me.

After two run throughs of this:

"Slow down, you dick!"

"Shut the fuck up, you moron! One of us is doing the right thing here, and it sure isn't you!"

I knocked the verticals back down to ground poles and had him canter through at my pathetic little canter. And guess what? He trod all over the poles because he couldn't get his striding right. Because of me, not because he was being naughty. I let him go forth in his chosen canter which was bigger and better and he cruised right through like a pro. Well of course he did. He has more brains than me.

Needless to say, I felt pretty awful and made sure to give him extra pats and scritches and cookies. And the best part was that by the time he was cooled out and groomed, it was dinner time! Hopefully he's a forgiving donkey and doesn't hold it against me.

In a small win moment, his hives have cleared up with his AniMed HistAll. Woo hoo!

my camera really didn't want to work with metoday which is a
bummer because bobby was looking quite dashing.


  1. he is so handsome :)
    and dont worry we all have stupid moments like that :P

  2. lol, story of my I hear you. But at least you stopped and got the right thinking going which is more than a lot of people do :) Glad his hives are gone. Laz is KING of hiving out. Another blogger told me about white vinegar, water mix and sponging it on and let me tell u it has helped us a trillion times over!! Shrinks it away, temp fix but it works at lessening the welts. Hugs to Bobby!


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