Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just a quickie

Oh, hey rope burn fingers. Thanks for making typing difficult. Robert was a friggin' ass on the longe out in the cross country field and I have awful, awful rope burn on these two digits. Maybe if someone hadn't stolen my brand new gloves, this wouldn't have happened. Anyway, this will be short.

We did a quick dressage school in the indoor, but he was being pretty dreadful and my fingers hurt like hell. I ended up sitting on him for two hours for an open house at the barn to show off his skillz, but most of it was spent at the walk until he dropped his head from the rafters. We also demo-ed some canter. I scheduled a private dressage lesson for Friday afternoon with BO. I made sure to do it when she won't be bookended by other lessons and get distracted.

He has some very minor hives on one side that I just sprayed with Microtek. I was hungry and tired and didn't feel like giving him a Microtek bath. I'll do it tomorrow and Friday and if they don't start clearing up, I'll give him a little Dex.

Plus, we got baby cheepers! We gave away our three hens when we moved from NY and put the rooseters in the freezer. I'm pumped to have some more. They're all pullets so they'll all be layers. Three Reds and three brown Leghorns.

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  1. I flippin hate rope burn!
    Those are some cute chicks. I'm trying to convince hubby that our farm needs some chickens. I've been listing reasons why we need them and I almost have him convinced...


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