Friday, March 9, 2012

Deep breaths.

Well, the good news is I didn't kill any large bay Thoroughbreds today. The bad news is....I had to work hard to get even more good news. So that's not really bad news is it? Yay!

I met Bobby halfway up the field, stuck him on the longe line and brought him the rest of the way up to the jumps. I warmed him up a little on the line before sending him over the first jump--a small log pile made out of telephone poles.

Not too bad, but we did have to contend with the other horses starting out. Someone mentioned changes in turnout for his cause of crazies yesterday. A horse that's here for a month for a refresher course just started getting turned out with them Wednesday. His name is Nuke and he's a fucking nut.  Buuut....he hangs out exclusively with Memphis and doesn't come near any of the other horses in turnout. Buuut....he followed us up to the top of the hill trotting big circles around us. He didn't get too close, but I kept Bobby between me and him until the rest of the field came charging up and distracted him and he went charging back down with them. After that, we were left to ourselves.

I was mean today, I'm not going to lie. If he started dicking around and stopped or started bugging out for no reason, I backed him up or gave him a smack across the chest with the longe line. Oh gosh, horse abuse, I know! But as we progressed from jump to jump, he got the hang of things way faster. We did four jumps total and I made him go over three times without stopping before we moved on to the next one.

We finished with the hanging log that he freaked out at yesterday. Several strange, horse eating noises came out of my mouth to make up for my lack of whip, but his punk ass went over that fucking jump over and over and over until it wasn't even in his brain to think about stopping at it. Point made, dick.

After me being a mean, ruthless horse beater, I gave him a really good grooming and he got to have his birthday treat. I got lazy and just chopped him up some carrots and apples and mixed them in with some sweet feed and molasses. Delish!

yum! i'd eat that!

burton says, "please may we share, bobby?"

Also, Hubby got Bobby a present, too!

"we got a box to eat! yayy!"
It was really cheap, but that's me! It's really, really soft and I loff the color. Hopefully it fits Bobby, but if it doesn't I can just return it instead of having to deal with a resale on ebay. Yay!

"we love helping!"

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  1. Saddle funness!

    Glad you and Bobby are working things out. That's just weird.


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