Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chiro, Farrier, and Clinic

"you brought the cookies, yes?"
my three moochers: ranger, spyder, and robert.
So! Bobby got poked, prodded, cracked, and banged on for a couple of hours this morning. He wasn't too sure what to think of the acupuncture, and he really was not pleased with the farrier by the time he got done.

He got acupunture first. She does the needles with B-12 which supposedly increases the potency. He got done in his pasterns, his neck, along each side of his spine mid-back, and in his hips by the SI. She adjusted his poll, mid and low neck, mid and low back, and pelvis. Her write up:

"He was stuck and crooked in his neck. Sore down his back--R side worse than L. Hips sore. Weak hind end--stifles weak also. His neck is very tight and rigid."

Not really anything suprising--especially his neck. I told her as soon as she started working on him that his neck was going to be the worst part of him. I also told her that we're in the process of saddle shopping (though I think this latest one just might do it!) so I knew his back would sore. His stifles have always been weak--that's a trait from his mama.

She said he seemed like the type of horse that would be perfectly happy sitting in a field for the rest of his life and that his brief time off with Lillian is probably what knocked us so far back in training--he saw the joys of a life of liesure and decided it was what he wanted. He's got to learn that working can be fun again, but I'm going to have to break everything down into tiny little steps so that he gets rewarded often and I don't inadvertently over-face him with things a Grown Up Horsie should be able to learn in big steps.

A shoe also came loose on our trail ride Saturday so he got bumped up a week to get his toes done. I talked with the farrier about the upcoming show season and how he seems to lack confidence going up to a jump in the field, especially if the footing is even a smidgum off. So he got hind shoes put on to see if that will help any. Farrier said that he likes horses to be either barefoot or shod all around, and while I would love Bobby to be barefoot, it's just not for him. I tried for four months. He gets super, super tender-footed and his feet break up like crazy. Hopefully he'll like the change.

He didn't like getting them put on! He was sore in his LH and didn't want to pick it up at all. He tried to kick the farrier multiple times and was throwing a complete shit fit. I know he hurt, but bad manners are not acceptable. It's not like his leg is broken! Farrier said it felt like a sore hock and when he was done, Bobby walked off a little stiff. I ended up taking him off the crossties and putting a chain on him. He still tried to pull his foot away, but a quick shank right off the bat and he stopped kicking. His RH was much better.

no, the camera is not cookies.
Chiro said he'd only need the rest of today and tomorrow off so I might try to ride him Friday and schedule another private lesson this weekend or early next week.

Plus....I just sent in my entry for my birthday present from my mom: Jimmy Wofford clinic at Stonewood Farms the weekend of my birthday! Um, what? Hellz yeah!


  1. OMG JIMMY WOFFORD CLINIC???!!!! Super jealous!

  2. Cool about the clinic! Laz too, stiff as a board, non flexing neck. The B-12 helps the treatment stick, as I was told too. I think the accu is cool. :) Hope you see some benefits from it.


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