Monday, March 12, 2012

Bobby was awful today.

And by awful I mean wonderful! The bi-polar rides continue!

He was in when I got there because everyone was getting shots and coggins and they didn't want him out by himself. I didn't think he needed it, but I stuck him on the longe before I got on. He was prancing around like a fancy pants, looking relaxed and happy.

When I got on, for the first time I was able to pick my mother effing hands up to where they're supposed to be as opposed to sitting in my lap and it was a total lightbulb moment. "Ohhhhh!!! That's what you want me to do? No problemo!" Proceed at trot, fancy feeting all over the arena in the most amazing dressage-ness ever. I think the combination of his new teeth and my better riding were the second-to-last tweak he needed (chiro hopefully being the last). It probably also helped that he had the trusty old AP saddle on. If it wasn't falling apart at the seams--literally--I'd just keep riding in it. And get butt lipo. No big.

Giggling like a fool the whole time at Bobby's newfound loveliness, I ran through the Novice test B for the first time ever. It was tricky. You have to turn at B and E to change directions and that was pretty sloppy. But for a first run through, it wasn't too bad. We finished off the ride with some sitting trot work and a cool out meander around the farm.

As big of a doucher Bobby can be, it's amazing rides like today that make me grit my teeth and keep going with him. I thought about riding tomorrow since I wasn't able to get out to the barn yesterday and had originally planned on giving him Tuesdays off from now on, but with his recent record of "I'm an amazing pony!" one day to "I'm an amazing dick head!" the next, I think I'll stick to tomorrow off. It's supposed to be 70* and raining tomorrow anyway, so he'll get a chance to romp around in the mud with his sheet off. Being a horse is so hard.

Also, today is my Kelpie's third birthday! Happy Birthday, Darcy!

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  1. Glad you had a good ride. Rides like that seem to make the bad ones worth it.


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